It is April Here Is What You Can Grow

April 04, 2021

April is our first full month of Spring and I hope it has fully arrived for you.  Whether you have a garden full of flowers, vegetables, or a little of both, Spring is the time to get started....

Plant Your Porch To Make An Impression

March 29, 2021

A porch is an element of your home that can be included in the design aesthetic.  The first impression of your home can begin with your front porch.  If properly designed, it can add...

Not All Hedges Need To Be Evergreen

March 21, 2021

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "Love your neighbor, but don't tear down your hedge." Sage advice from one of our Founding Fathers. A hedge is a fence or boundary formed by densely planted rows...

Getting To The Root Of Growing Root Vegetables

March 14, 2021

Root vegetables are edible plants that are grown underground.  Since the large plant is grown out of sight, they do not receive as much appreciation as other vegetables.  Some of the more...

It’s March, Here Is What You Can Still Grow

March 02, 2021

As the majority of us are looking forward to the first day of spring, March is the time many of us are getting our gardens prepared. Some of our selections can be planted outdoors depending on the...

Examples Of New Annuals That Will Inspire You

February 14, 2021

Nothing makes gardeners happier than discovering and experimenting with new plants.   Not sure about you but we are looking for some bright and cheery additions for our gardens this...

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