Campanula is also known as Bellflower. Campanula is a perennial and comes in different colors and shapes. These plants bloom in the late spring to late summer. Many of the varieties are easy to care for and have long bloom times.  Some of the most popular colors are blue and deep purple. The name Bellflower is an appropriate name as the flowers are bell-shaped. The flowers look great in a cottage or rock garden.  These plants do best in loose, well-drained soil. For these plants to thrive grow them in full sun. The plant will tolerate some afternoon shade.  Warm days and cool nights are ideal for this plant.  This plant will not do well in tropical climates or regions that drop below 50 degrees at night.  There is a great possibility for the plant to develop powdery mildew in humid climates or overly moist soil. Hardiness zones 3 - 9.

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