Muehlenbeckia is also known as Creeping Wire Vine. It is grown primarily for its foliage although it will develop small white flowers during the growing season. Its evergreen leaves make a great spiller in a container or it can be used as a ground cover. It is hardy in garden zones 8 to 10 so it is sometimes grown as a houseplant in colder areas. It does well in part to full sun and will grow about 6 inches tall and has a 1 to 2-foot spread.

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  • Sep 28

    Is this a perennial? Thanks!

    It is a groundcover rose shrub that is hardy for zones 4 - 11. It does come back every year and is winter hardy.

  • Feb 22

    What zones can the California Lilac grow in. I live in zone 6, Kentucky. Thank you for helping me.

    The hardiness zones for this plant are 8 - 10.  There are different types of this plant so there might be one that works for you.  Here is more information.

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