Star Flower Orion Illicium is a perennial evergreen shrub with unique star-shaped white flowers. It is also called Star Anise.  The name comes from the Latin word for "allure". The foliage is green with a lighter green back. The plant grows 10 – 15 feet tall and can spread 6 – 10 feet wide.  It is native to the southeastern United States.  Try using this plant as an alternative to boxwoods and hollies. The flowers will bloom heavily in the spring and will also rebloom in the late summer.  Star Flower Orion Illicium performs best when planted in the full sun to part shade.  This plant is a rapid grower and needs to be pruned or it can easily outgrow its space.  It can be clipped back into a hedge. This variety is fairly new and you will most likely start seeing it in the spring. There is also another variety named Star Flower Scorpio Illicium which has red flowers. Pollinators especially butterflies are attracted to this flower.  It is shade tolerant and deer resistant.  It is hardy for zones 6 – 9.

Photos courtesy of Star Roses and Plants (Ball Seed).

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