Sage is a perennial herb which grows best in garden zones 5 through 8 and whose origins go back for more than a millennium. It was used as part of a tonic to ward off the plague, was considered a “holy herb” and included in many Roman religious ceremonies and along with Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme is considered one of the 4 essential herbs in British cooking and cuisine. It grows 2 to 3 feet tall with up to a 3 foot spread which often gives Sage the appearance of a shrub. While it is most frequently known for its role in Thanksgiving dishes the leaves of its variegated varieties are popular ornamental plants too. It grows in full sun and must have soil that drains well. Too much water can kill the plant. 

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  • Sep 28

    Is this a perennial? Thanks!

    It is a groundcover rose shrub that is hardy for zones 4 - 11. It does come back every year and is winter hardy.

  • Feb 22

    What zones can the California Lilac grow in. I live in zone 6, Kentucky. Thank you for helping me.

    The hardiness zones for this plant are 8 - 10.  There are different types of this plant so there might be one that works for you.  Here is more information.

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