Echiumn Candicans is also known as the Pride of Madeira.  This plant is native to the island of Madeira, which is the Atlantic Ocean and part of Portugal. The plant is an evergreen shrub that grows 4 to 6 feet or more tall. The foliage is gray-green with tapered leaves that are attached to woody stems. In the spring the plant flowers bearing dramatic blue-purple blooms.  The flowers grow on 20-inch stalks. The plant performs well in dry soil, and low to medium moisture in full sun. The soil needs to be in well-drained.  It will tolerate temperatures as low 20-25 degrees. The plant is a biennial. The first year it produces foliage and the second year the flower spikes will appear. It will remain in the landscape by self-seeding. Cut spent spikes after they bloom and prune the plant to maintain the dense habit. In some parts of Southern California, it is considered an invasive plant. Pollinators (bees and hummingbirds) love the plant. It is also deer resistant. It will not do well in humid, wet conditions. Hardy zones 9-10. 

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