About Blooming Secrets

The idea for a personalized gardening service started when John, an avid self-taught gardener, shared with his sister Susan stories of the numerous questions that John received from his neighbors asking for advice and help with their own gardens.  They saw two common impediments that prevented people from being successful at gardening; one is having the time and the other a lack of knowledge on how to get started.  Blooming Secrets is their solution to both of these obstacles.  John and Susan, a seasoned Internet professional, saw an opportunity to provide people with the knowledge on how to garden as well as saving them time with personalized product offerings tailored to the customer's capabilities and their local growing conditions. The Blooming Secrets website assists customers by selecting plants and flowers that are available to grow where they live and fit with their experience and interest.  In addition to selling products, the site also has extensive content on many topics to educate, give advice, and answer questions.

We hope you enjoy our site!

John Toepfer and Susan Brandt

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