Plant Of The Week - September

October 07, 2018

These are Blooming Secrets Plant Of The Week selections for September. If you have any flowers or plants you would like us to add to our list, please let us know.

False Indigo


Plant Of The Week - August

September 02, 2018

For the month of July, we have selected a mix of flowers you probably know and a couple of flowers you might not have experience growing. Let us know which ones are growing in your...

Plant Of The Week - July

August 01, 2018

Here are our selections for the month of July.  Some of these plants and flowers you might know and others might be new to you.  Let us know if you have any you want us to research.


Plant of the Week – May

May 30, 2018

Here is a recap of our plants of the week for the month of May. This month we are trying to expose you to some pretty flowers that you might not have knowledge of or tried growing.  


Plant Of The Week - April

May 04, 2018

Several of our April selections have multiple names, so you might not know it by the one we have selected. If you have experience growing any of these plants, let us know on our Facebook...

Plant Of The Week - February

March 02, 2018

In February we highlight flowers that are planted in the spring to have gorgeous flowers in the summer. Many of them are native to other countries but do well in the US.  We also have added a...

Plant Of The Week - January

February 02, 2018

We kick off the New Year with some beautiful flowers that can all be grown from bulbs.  All are bright colorful flowers available in any color scheme you are using in your garden. 


Physoplexis comosa

November 22, 2013

Physoplexis comosa, commonly known as the Devil's Claw or Tufted Horned Rampion, is a unique and captivating plant species native to the European Alps. This perennial herb belongs to the...

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