Papyrus Adds History And Grace To The Garden

March 21, 2022

Papyrus is a tender herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Africa. It is a species of aquatic flowering plants belonging to the sedge family Cyperaceae. The botanical name is Cyperus Papyrus...

Colorful Succulents Offer Wow In The Garden

March 14, 2022

Many people think succulents come in green, but you should also know they come in yellow, orange, red, crimson, purple, and varying shades of gray.  The more sun some of these plants get the...

Try Growing These Unique Edibles This Year

March 06, 2022

It is good to experiment with growing new plants because you can use this as an opportunity to learn about their needs. You will be able to learn how to care for them and grow them in different...

How To Create An Environmentally Friendly Garden

February 27, 2022

These days many people are interested in the environment, including how can they make both their home and garden environmentally welcoming. An environmentally friendly garden means creating your...

What You Need To know About Spring Bulbs

February 21, 2022

The term “spring bulb” is loosely used when discussing warm weather planting varieties. While their fall cousins are considered “hardy,” and can survive the colder climates...

Perennial Containers Are Great For Your Garden

February 09, 2022

Container gardening is a great hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. It's an excellent way to get creative with your garden and make it look beautiful. Perennials are a great choice for...

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