Plant The Right Perennials For Your Garden

August 05, 2018

As we’ve mentioned previously annual flowers often get more attention than perennials but we think every garden should have a mixture of annuals and perennials.  There are many...

4 Tips for Beautiful Bouquets

July 29, 2018

An error that I make which I really need to correct is that I don’t take the time to cut flowers from my garden and display them in my home.  Creating a stunning arrangement isn’t...

4 Steps To Rejuvenate An Iris

July 23, 2018

Were your Iris blooms not as plentiful this year as in years past? Do the Iris rhizomes, the tuber-like root of the iris, seem to be crowded or are there dead spots in your Iris patch? If your...

The Beautiful Blanket Flower

July 08, 2018

Gaillardia, also known as the Blanket Flower is a perennial native to North and South America. While it looks a lot like a daisy it is actually related to the Sunflower. Gaillardia gets the name...

Don’t Forget To Fertilize Your Flowers

July 04, 2018

Few things make me happier than the first round of blooms you get in mid to late spring from the annuals you planted earlier in the season. Seeing petunias cascading over the edge of a container or...

4 Steps To Growing Great Roses

June 24, 2018

Roses have a somewhat well-deserved reputation as a perplexing plant to grow but fear not, Blooming Secrets can help you to grow beautiful Roses! The best place to start is the beginning and that...

4 Essentials of Japanese Garden Design

June 16, 2018

The Internet has changed how the world does almost everything and as a result, the world seems a whole lot smaller. We can now easily learn about other cultures and as a result interest in Japanese...

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