It Is May Here Is What You Can Grow

May 04, 2021

It is May and you have probably already started planting your summer garden, which is fantastic! Now that the weather is getting warmer there are lots to do between planting, weeding, and other...

Purple Power In The Garden

March 18, 2018

All hail the power of purple! Purple is the Pantone color of the year (Ultra Violet) and now is also the new color of being healthy. According to the USDA purple anti-oxidants, also called...

What Are Brazelberries?

August 12, 2017

While researching topics to write about for our website I came across references to plants known as Brazelberries. Having never heard of them previously I was intrigued to investigate them further....

Try Growing A Citrus Tree

June 28, 2015

Many years ago I thought it would be cool to try to grow a lemon tree from seed. It didn’t matter that I lived in New York I was just curious to see if it could be done. I collected a few...

Drink Your Garden?

June 14, 2015

If you grow vegetables and fruits in your garden you may not realize that eating them might not be the only way to appreciate their fresh taste and nutritional value. More and more people are...

Tomatoes-Fruit or Vegetable

May 17, 2015

While it is said that the tomato is an American plant it is grown and eaten all around the world. One debate that has arisen is whether or not a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. According to...

Tips On Growing a Pineapple Plant

February 20, 2015

Another tree to try to grow on your own is a Pineapple tree, but if you undertake this one you will have to have patience as it will take a couple of years to grow.

Take a ripe pineapple...

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