Blooming Secrets’ Top 5 Annuals For 2021

October 03, 2021

Last week we let you know our top perennials' picks for the year.  This week we are going to let you know our top annuals for the year.  Growing annual flowers is a great way to have...

8 Colorful Flowers For A Drought Tolerant Garden

August 01, 2021

According to, as of July 20, 2021, 40.1% of the U.S. is in a drought, with 59.5% of the western U.S. is in extreme to exceptional drought.  Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming...

When The Heat Is On, These Plants Will Excel

July 04, 2021

Just about everyone I speak to these days tells me it is so hot.  Look at the Pacific Northwest, where it is experiencing one of the most intense heatwaves ever.  The track and field...

It Is June, Here Is What You Can Grow

June 05, 2021

Summer will finally be arriving this month and it is a great time to spend outdoors. While there is a lot to do in the garden, summer is also a great time to relax and enjoy the many blooms and...

10 Popular Wildflowers To Add To Your Garden

May 25, 2021

A wildflower is a flower that grows freely without human intervention.  These flowers are beautiful, colorful, and can be grown just about anywhere.  The absolute number of colors, tones,...

It Is May Here Is What You Can Grow

May 04, 2021

It is May and you have probably already started planting your summer garden, which is fantastic! Now that the weather is getting warmer there are lots to do between planting, weeding, and other...

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