The Return Of A Garden Favorite, Impatiens

February 22, 2020

For many years, I used to grow impatiens in my garden and in containers.  These annual plants were so easy to grow and care for and I loved the bright, cheerful colors.  Then I could no...

Our Favorite New Foliage Plants For 2020

February 08, 2020

Using foliage plants is a creative way to enhance your garden.  Adding foliage is a great way to add impact to your flower beds and containers.  In the last few years, there have been...

8 New Flowers To Be Introduced Next Year

December 03, 2019

In the spring, we were lucky enough to attend the annual California Spring Trials.  As we mentioned, it is like attending fashion week for the horticultural industry. We get to see new...

Top 5 Annuals For 2019

September 08, 2019

Once again it is time for us to share our favorite annual plants for the year.  As always this is a difficult decision as there are some many beautiful flowers and plants to choose from. ...

Ptilotus Joey, Feathery & Fun Flowers

July 27, 2019

If you are the type of gardener who is constantly looking for something new in your garden, you might want to investigate Ptilotus Joey, which is fairly new to North America. On a recent walk...

Help Pollinators By Planting These Flowers

July 20, 2019

As I was recently assisting another writer out with an article on the importance of honeybees, I was reminded of how important pollinators are to the world.  A majority of flowering plants...

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