Get Fall Blooms With Saffron Crocus

August 13, 2017

Saffron, the most popular of fall flowering crocus, also carries the distinction of bearing the world’s most expensive spice. Known as the quintessential spice in paella, and a component of...

What Are Brazelberries?

August 12, 2017

While researching topics to write about for our website I came across references to plants known as Brazelberries. Having never heard of them previously I was intrigued to investigate them further....

August Gardening Tips

August 09, 2017
It’s Garden Time! Use These Ideas For Your Summer Gardens And Plant For The Fall.

Hopefully, you’ve taken pictures of your garden to share with friends and family this season. They...

Color Combos: Red & Purple

August 05, 2017

Red and purple sit next to each other on the color wheel which makes them an ideal pairing. They are both colors associated with royalty and they look perfectly regal when combined in a pot or...

Recipe Of The Month: Basil

July 30, 2017

Our recipe this month features Basil, which we use to make Pesto. Pesto is a sauce with origins from Genoa, Italy. The name comes from the Genoese verb pesta (Italian: pestare), which means to...

Create An Edible Balcony

July 22, 2017

There is nothing like the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables but if you live in an apartment or high-rise condominium you may think that growing them yourself is just not possible. The reality is...

Learn About Hydroponics

July 17, 2017

Have you ever attempted to root a cutting of a plant in a glass of water? If you have then you’ve been experimenting with hydroponics and you may not even know it! Hydroponics is a form of...

July Gardening Tips

July 10, 2017
It’s Garden Planning Time! Use These Ideas From Project Beautiful Bloggers For Your Summer Gardens. Your summer flowering annuals may be looking a little “tired” right now. You...

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