Blooming Secrets’ Top 5 Annuals For 2020

October 18, 2020

Last week we wrote about perennial plants, this week we are going to focus on annuals. Annual plants will complete their lifecycles from germination to the production of seeds to one growing season...

It’s September, Here Is What You Can Plant

September 05, 2020

In September, you are likely to still have warm days but the nights will be cooler.  While the planting season is winding down, there are still flowers you can plant to give your garden some...

It’s August, Here Is What You Can Still Plant

August 02, 2020

August is the month where you will find many people having their largest vegetable harvest.  We are coming to the end of the summer but there is still time to plant another harvest, or you can...

Flowers Are Great Companions for Your Vegetables

July 19, 2020

Many experienced gardeners know that when cultivating vegetables some varieties grow particularly well together, but there are also vegetables that do not play well with others. These truths are...

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