Best New Plants For 2018

January 16, 2018

Each April, the Horticulture industry holds it California Spring Trials, where they introduce us to new flowers and vegetables, improved plant varieties, and experimental programs breeders are...

Top 5 Annuals For 2017

October 01, 2017

Fall is upon us and before your thoughts turn toward fall planting we want to share with you our 5 favorite summer annuals for 2017. Some of these we have grown ourselves and some of them are new...

6 Time-Saving Tips for Flower Gardeners

May 28, 2017

Last week we shared some time-saving tips for your vegetable garden. If you missed that article you can click on this link to review it. There are some tips we suggested in last month’s...

Color Combos: Pink & Green

May 07, 2017

Pink has been a popular color in flower arrangements and weddings for decades and no color I can think of says spring has arrived more than the green grass and new leaves on the trees. Put these...

Color Combos: Black And White

March 04, 2017

While the words black and white are often invoked to highlight contrasting notions the truth is these colors can make ideal partners. Until recently the color black was almost unheard of in the...

5 Easy Flowers to Grow From Seed

January 08, 2017

We get a lot of questions from followers about growing flowers from seed and many of them come from gardeners who are intimidated by this concept. Using seeds can be a cost effective gardening...

The Year In Color - The Elegance of Silver

December 10, 2016

We’ve arrived in December and it is difficult to believe that the end of 2016 is near. Throughout this year each month we’ve shared some special thoughts with you about the seasonal...

The Year In Color - Brown, The Natural Color

November 13, 2016

Simply put, brown is a natural color and an important one at that. After all, the very soil that we gardeners gleefully toil in is generally a shade of brown and this earthy quality makes brown a...

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