DIY: Hanging Basket

April 26, 2020

When you’ve finished planting your flower beds and you can’t fit another container on your porch or deck it’s time to do what I call “going vertical”. A fun way to add...

Tips For Choosing Container Companions

August 04, 2019

Similar to having a great traditional garden, making attractive containers begins with selecting the right plants. Some container gardens will include plants that look great together and others...

Nothing Sour About These Grapes

November 12, 2018

While Tulips and Daffodils remain the most popular spring flowering bulbs my personal favorite is the Grape Hyacinth.  Also known as Muscari this bulb originally came from Eurasia and got its...

Create Your Own Hanging Planter

January 20, 2018

Would you like to add a few hanging pots to your home but their beauty and the cost of what you see in garden centers, home improvement stores, and supermarkets intimidates you? Then Why Not Make...

DIY-Container Water Gardening

July 22, 2017

As I write this we’re coming to the end of another 90 + degree day. Is there a better topic to write about than cool, refreshing water? It just feels cooler to write about it and I find...

DIY: Urban Gardening Kit

May 28, 2017

Just because you don’t have a large backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have yummy fresh vegetables this summer. If you have a deck, balcony or patio than our urban gardening kit may...

DIY: Making a Pumpkin Planter

October 16, 2016

Nearly anything that holds dirt can be turned into a planter and that includes a pumpkin. Pumpkin planters make an interesting fall decoration whether they are in groups or by themselves. They can...

Nasturtiums: Easy and Edible

April 03, 2016

Nasturtiums have a well-deserved reputation as an easy flower to grow. They are the perfect plant to grow with your children as the seed, which is about the size of a pea, is easily handled by...

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