DIY: Hanging Basket

When you’ve finished planting your flower beds and you can’t fit another container on your porch or deck it’s time to do what I call “going vertical”. A fun way to add to your gardening enjoyment is through the use of hanging baskets. Hanging baskets can bring color to places that you wouldn’t expect to find it. For example, how about identical hanging baskets on either side of your garage door or a hanging basket near your mailbox? Every gardener can find room for a few hanging baskets but many are deterred by the cost of the hanging baskets they see in garden centers or home improvement stores. So… Why Not Create Your Own!  Making a hanging basket can be done inexpensively and the best part is you can put the plants you want in the basket!

The first step is to pick a basket to work with. Wire baskets can be purchased with a liner made from coconuts or you can line your own basket with sphagnum moss. The next step is to fill the basket with a soil mix made for container gardening. You can then plant the basket with any flowers or plants that you like. I usually look for a plant to put in the middle that will have some height to it such as a Geranium and then line the edges of the basket with trailing plants such as Calibrachoa, Lobelia, Trailing Rosemary, or Alyssum.  You just want to make sure the plants are suitable for the location that the basket will be hanging. For example, if your hanging location is shaded during the day you would want to go with plants that work best in the shade like Coleus or Begonias. Once you’ve finished planting the basket just water the plants, hang the basket from a secure hook or hanger, and you are done!

After planting the basket what you do moving forward is what will make your hanging basket the envy of the neighborhood. Hanging baskets can dry out quickly so it is important to check your basket each day to see it needs to be watered. In the summer months, you may need to water the basket daily. A regular fertilizing schedule is also needed to keep your plants blooming throughout the season. I usually feed my baskets at least every other week although some gardeners prefer to do it weekly. Finally, to keep your baskets looking their best they should be pruned regularly. This means removing dead flowers, yellowing leaves, etc. It not only keeps them looking their best but is also a way to prevent diseases and deter insect infestations.

Now that you know all about hanging baskets why not create one of your own? We’d love to see your success stories and unique ideas on our Facebook page!

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