Black Is A Great Accent Color In The Garden

October 13, 2019

Black flowers and plants are unique and add some intrigue and mystery to your garden.  These plants may look black but are actually a deep shade of purple or red.

There are people...

How To Conserve Water In Your Garden

August 17, 2019

As we have mentioned before natural resources are not limitless. Water is one of those resources and we must balance having a beautiful garden using less water, especially if you live in an area...

Foliage Gardening Trends

August 04, 2019

In the past, we have mentioned that foliage often does not get the recognition it deserves in the garden.  In recent years we have seen more interest in foliage and how these versatile plants...

Chartreuse Can Boost The Allure Of Your Garden

May 21, 2019

The color chartreuse is a shade between green and yellow but is usually considered a sub-category of green. The color is named after the French liqueur “chartreuse” which has a...

12 Plants That Grow Well In Wet Soil

May 07, 2019

If you happen to have an area in your garden with soggy conditions and you can’t seem to alter the situation, then look for plants that will work under these circumstances. You can turn your...

6 Tips For Planting A New Flower Bed

April 27, 2019

Whether you are creating a new area in your garden or replanting an old one, here are six tips, we have put together to help you get started. These simple tips hopefully make it easy for you to...

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