Enhance Your Garden Design With Stylish Foliage

May 10, 2021

Instead of focusing on multicolored flowers, why not try some perennial foliage in the garden.  These plants provide textures, colors, and shapes bringing visual interest to your garden all...

Dahlias Will Make Your Garden Dazzle More

April 27, 2021

Dahlias are known for their large colorful flowers with some varieties having flowers that grow 12 inches in diameter.  They are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow.  It is a...

It Is April Here Is What You Can Grow

April 04, 2021

April is our first full month of Spring and I hope it has fully arrived for you.  Whether you have a garden full of flowers, vegetables, or a little of both, Spring is the time to get started....

It’s January, Here Is What You Can Still Plant

January 03, 2021

With many of us facing snow and colder temperatures, this is a great time of year to be planning your garden for spring.  If you have a greenhouse, you probably have thought of numerous...

It’s December, Here Is What You Can Still Plant

December 05, 2020

As we are now in the last month of the year and a majority of us are facing colder temperatures, we are going to bring our planting choices indoors.  Having plants indoors can cleanse your...

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