While your initial reaction may be that silver and green aren’t typical companion colors they actually have more in common than you might think. For example, there are trees such as the Silver Maple, Silver Fir, and Silver Birch all of whom have green leaves or needles with a silver-colored underside. At this time of year, many green Christmas trees are adorned with silver tinsel, ornaments, and bells which remind us of the joy we should all try to experience this holiday season. Silver also represents the hope for prosperity in the coming year while green reminds us that after the long winter to come there will be growth and renewal when spring arrives.

Silver and green can also be combined to create a unique and interesting garden container as well and you might want to consider trying these in your yard next year.

As a reminder one simple container gardening recipe is to combine spillers, fillers, and thrillers together:

Spillers - They are found at the edge of the container and are designed to cascade toward the ground.

Fillers - They tie the container together as they are planted between the spillers and thrillers. They are taller than the spillers but not as tall as the thrillers would be.

Thrillers - They are the star of the show and are attention getters. They often have dramatic flowers or colorful foliage.

Here are some green and silver plants to grow in partial to full sun conditions:

Spillers:  Lambs Ears, Artemisa Sea Foam, Dichondra Silver Falls, Sedum Sieboldii

Fillers:  Dianthus Fire Witch, Dusty Miller, Catmint, Zinnia Envy, Chives, Basil

Thrillers:  Blue Sea Holly, Lavender, Russian Sage Little Spire, Bells of Ireland, Silver Thistle

Here are some suggestions for containers that include green and silver plants that will be situated in partial to full shade conditions:

Spillers:  Laminum Purple Dragon, Ivy, Vinca Periwinkle

Fillers: Coleus, Hosta, Asparagus Fern

Thrillers: Elephant Ears, Japanese Silver Fern

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