If you are seeking plants with dramatic appeal than plants with variegated foliage may be just what you are looking for. Variegation is a genetic anomaly caused by a deficiency in chlorophyll which results in stripes, spots, dots or splashes of color on the leaves of the plant. Variegation comes in several colors but white and green leaves are the most common. Pink and green are found together in nature quite frequently, particularly in the spring and since white goes with just about everything you really can’t lose when building a container with this type of theme.  

As a reminder one simple container gardening recipe is to combine spillers, fillers, and thrillers together:

Spillers - They are found at the edge of the container and are designed to cascade toward the ground.

Fillers - They tie the container together as they are planted between the spillers and thrillers. They are taller than the spillers but not as tall as the thrillers would be.

Thrillers - They are the star of the show and are attention getters. They often have dramatic flowers or colorful foliage.

Here are some pink and variegated plants to grow in partial to full sun conditions:

Spillers:  Bubble Gum Pink Petunias, Mandevilla Sun Parasol Pretty Pink

Fillers:  Pink Chrysanthemum, Dianthus Firewitch, Variegated Geranium

Thrillers:  Pink Canna, Variegated Caladium Aaron

Here are some suggestions for containers that include pink and variegated plants that will be situated in partial to full shade conditions:

Spillers:  Ivy, Pothos Vine, White Sweet Alyssum

Fillers:  Pink Cyclamen, Paul Revere Hosta, Pink Hypoestes

Thrillers: Coleus Stained Glass Luminesce, Coleus Butter Cream

Photos courtesy of Jill Mazur, Netherland Bulb and Pixabay.

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