Throughout history, the color purple has been associated with royalty. During the time of ancient Rome it was the color of the robe worn by the Caesars and today it is still used by the British Royal Family as a ceremonial color on very special occasions. Silver is the color of prestige. As a precious metal, it symbolizes riches and wealth. Purple and Silver are distinctive colors and they are equally unique in the garden. In my opinion, when combined together in a container on a deck or in a hanging basket on a porch, Purple and Silver represent “garden elegance”!

As a reminder one simple container gardening recipe is to combine spillers, fillers, and thrillers together:

Spillers - They are found at the edge of the container and are designed to cascade toward the ground.

Fillers - They tie the container together as they are planted between the spillers and thrillers. They are taller than the spillers but not as tall as the thrillers would be.

Thrillers - They are the star of the show and are attention getters. They often have dramatic flowers or colorful foliage.

Here are some purple and silver plants to grow in partial to full sun conditions:

Spillers: Sweet Potato Vine Blackie, Purple Calibrachoa, Sedum Sieboldii, Lenai Deep Purple Verbena

Fillers: Tricolor Sage, Salvia Vista Purple, Dusty Miller, Angelonia Purple, Calocephalus Silver Stalk

Thrillers: Purple Fountain Grass, Russian Sage Little Spire, Buddleja Silver Anniversary

Here are some suggestions for containers that include pink and green flowering plants and will be situated in partial to full shade conditions:

Spillers: Silver Falls Dichondra, Violet Blue Lobelia, Pansy

Fillers: New Guinea Impatiens Infinity Light Purple, Silver Leaf Cyclamen

Thrillers: Coleus Dark Purple, Brunnera Jack Frost

Don’t forget that a silver container with purple flowers looks just as elegant!!

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    I really like this site.  I would love to develop a green thumb but have trouble retaining details so I have to work with cheat sheets. ha ha

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