Bringing Back the Bees

April 17, 2014

Over the past several years most gardeners have become aware of a significant decrease in the honeybee population. There are many theories as to what is impacting the bees ranging from concerns...

How Do You Like Your Containers?

April 08, 2014

Container gardening can be an awful lot like a chicken recipe (My apologies to our readers who are Vegetarians. Please don’t hold it against me!). Think of all of the different ways that...

Gardening in the City

February 25, 2014

Did you know that over the past two years U.S. cities have experienced growth rates higher than the surrounding suburbs? The growth rate in the suburbs has slipped to the lowest levels in over a...

You Can Grow Herbs Indoors this Winter

November 22, 2013

It is not your imagination, more and more we all are hearing about herbs and herb gardening. Surveys conducted by The National Gardening Association ( show that the purchases of...

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