Are Gardening Resolutions A Good Thing?

At the beginning of the year, people often make resolutions for the New Year.  People do this as they want to make a promise to themselves to change a bad habit or have decided it is time to make a positive change in their life.  You can also think of a resolution as a short-term goal that you want to accomplish.

When it comes to gardening, we think it is good to have aspirations for yourself and your garden.  Make a list of potential short-term and long-term resolutions and keep track of them.  Some advice would be to just focus on a few of them so you are not overwhelmed and you can actually accomplish them.    

Here are some resolutions we put together for your consideration:


Conserve Water

Water is one of our most important natural resources as it is not limitless. Water is something we really need in our garden to make it beautiful, but we need to balance that because we need to preserve our environment.  This is especially important if you live in an area that has been experiencing drought.  Conserving water requires consideration and effort, but every little bit helps.  Plus, conserving water will help you with your water bill.  Here is an article that has ideas on how you can conserve water in your garden.

Grow Native Plants

Native plants are beautiful and they are natural to your geography.  Many of these plants have been growing in your geography for centuries. These native plants can save water in your garden since they have adapted to your climate and require less watering.  Native plants also provide refuge for wildlife such as birds and butterflies in your area.  These plants also create a natural character to the landscape.  Learn more about growing native plants in your garden.

Use Natural Or Less Toxic Pest and Weed Control

There are certain things we need to use in our gardens such as pesticide and weed control, but we need to figure ways to control the application of these products. You will find there are now many non-toxic sprays such as insecticidal soaps and dormant oils that are effective at handling some of your problems.  Here are two blog posts we have written on Natural Pest and Weed Control.

Keep A Garden Journal

Having a gardening journal is a great way to take note of different events that occur in your garden.  Record your first hummingbird of the season or what pest has done something to your flowers.  Overall a journal will help you remember mistakes and successes you had throughout the year.  Here is more information on The Value of a Garden Journal.

Try Something New In The Garden

I think this is one of the more important resolutions.  One of the great things about gardening is the new plants and projects you can undertake.  There are an infinite number of things to try and it is a great way to get your creative juices going.  Undertaking something new teaches you a new skill set and you will get a great feeling of accomplishment.  If you are not successful, consider it a lesson learned!

Reuse, Repurpose And Recycle

Gardening is an activity where you can reuse, repurpose, and recycle many household items.  This is a great way to save money and reduce waste.  Try recycling some of your food scraps by growing new plants or composting them.   You can also reuse and repurpose many kitchen items.  Try using coffee cans to keep your seed in or use eggshells for seed starters.  Shred junk mail and use it in an old shoebox to store your tubers.  Read more about Composting Food Scraps, Recycling Household Products For The Garden and Coffee Can Hacks.

Reconnect With Nature

There are many research studies that show how nature is beneficial to your health. Another great thing about gardening is you don’t have to go that far to do it.  For most of us, it is right outside our back door or on our balcony.  Spending more time in the garden, whether to implement some of these resolutions, grow vegetables, pick flowers, or just relax outdoors, is worth every minute. Now that’s a resolution to try to keep. 

Let us know if you make gardening resolutions or if are going to try one of these!

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