Gardening is not an inexpensive hobby but there are ways to save money and they are right in your own house. Items that you might recycle or that could end up in a landfill make great tools and can help you with your gardening budget. I’ll share some of my ideas, in a new series I've put together, Inexpensive Garden Hacks and Upcycles and I’m sure that you probably have some of your own. Let’s face it the only limit for their use is your own imagination.

Coffee Can Garden Storage Containers

One of the few vices I have in life is drinking coffee. Since I drink it daily it makes sense to purchase it in bulk and when the coffee container is empty I have plenty of other uses for it. Coffee cans can be upcycled into storage containers and organizers and the possibilities really are endless.

Coffee Can Seed Storage

I use them in the fall to store seed that I’ll plant next spring. When you collect seeds in the fall from your plants, used a clean (and dry!) coffee can to store them.  This is also handy for any seed you may buy in bulk, like grass seed, that you end up with excess, but the bag is torn.  Be sure to label them with the seed type and date, and there you have packable stackable seed cans.  Of course, you'll likely want to decorate them too.

Coffee Can Tool Storage

I also can fit a second set of hand tools in an old coffee can, put the lid on, and store them in the backyard or in my container garden so I can pull them out when I need them. The lid keeps them from rusting and I don’t have to walk back and forth to the garage.  This has proven to be a really big time saver and takes away at least some of the distractions.  To be sure that your tools will be there when you need them, consider labeling the can with a reminder of what's inside and where that can is supposed to be.  Or, you could label it 'dirty socks' and you'll likely never have any problems.

Coffee Can Twine Bowl

So coffee isn't the only thing to buy in bulk.  Garden twine is another item that just makes sense to buy a large roll of.  And if you've ever tried to handle it, you know it can be a pain to use.  Take a clean and dry coffee can, put the giant roll inside the can, and voila.  Make sure you pull from the center of the roll, and you will have no tangles, and your twine will stay put.  If you want to make it even more user-friendly, cut a small hole in the lid of the can, to keep the twine dry and clean, and the twine ready for use.

Ideas On Organizing Your Gardening Supplies

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Spring Cleaning Tip

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