Roasted Peppers are a favorite recipe, that we make regularly and they are a healthy snack. There are tons of ways to use roasted peppers in your meals. Since we grow them, we have a regular supply that allows us to whip them up whenever they are wanted. They taste so much better than the store-bought ones. Our recipe for Roasted Peppers is simple and can be used for sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, or anything else you want to add them too!


  • 6 red, orange or yellow bell peppers

  • Garlic powder


  • Set your oven to broil and place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet (for easy clean up).  Also, put the oven rack in the second position from the top so the peppers don’t burn.

  • Place the peppers on the cookie sheet (you can roast as many as can easily fit on the sheet) and continue to rotate them every few minutes until you see the skin start to darken and the pepper collapses.

  • Once they are completely roasted, take them out of the oven and place an additional piece of aluminum foil on top so the skin will be easier to remove once they have cooled.

  • To peel them, just take out the stem and all the seeds and place the pieces into an airtight container.  You can slice or dice the peppers in advance or store them in halves.  Store them in the fridge in an airtight container they’ll keep for up to about a week. Every few layers, you can sprinkle them with some garlic powder.  Delicious!

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