New Ways To Try Growing Amaryllis Flowers

December 21, 2020

This time of year giving an Amaryllis grow kit has become a popular holiday gift.  These flowers add great beauty to any home.  They are also a great way to show children the joy of...

Learn How To Care For Your Beautiful Poinsettia

December 05, 2020

The Poinsettia, well known for its bright red flowers with green foliage, is available in other colors including burgundy, orange, pink, white, and patterned bi-colors (marbled and speckled). There...

Stunning Perennials That Can Survive Cold Winters

November 21, 2020

When you are planting perennials in the fall it is good to know which ones can handle colder temperatures and the perennials which can handle freezing temperatures. We put together a mix of plants...

Popular Trees That Do Best Planted In The Fall

October 12, 2020

Fall is considered the best time to plant trees.  August – October are the best months, but you can plant a tree any time before the ground is frozen. In some states like Alabama and...

Get Back To School With A Children’s Garden

September 12, 2020

As the school year is kicking off, one thing you might want to incorporate into your child’s study is a garden.  Numerous studies show spending time in nature or a garden is good for...

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