While Valentine’s Day is probably the most flower focused holiday of the year, the reality is that few flowers are blooming this time of year unless it is from a greenhouse.  

We wanted to offer you some alternatives to giving flowers:


Gift Sets

Each of these gift sets features a self-watering grow kit complemented by a thoughtful collection of high-quality items that help create a calm, purposeful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  The Harvest Gift Set has herb-inspired kitchen essentials that are the first step towards a thriving countertop garden.  The Ritual Gift Set encourages people to take a moment for themselves every day. Chamomile is the perfect herbal pairing for this all-in-one ceramic tea steeper and mug.  This kit is a great gift for a tea lover. The last selection is the Unwind Gift Set which has a collection of garden-inspired aromatherapy tools, paired with a soft sleep mask, which will have someone catching zzz’s in no time. 

Hydroponic Tumble Garden Kits

These kits feature two seed types for successive plantings and are outfitted in a sophisticated colored glass planter with a gold stainless steel net pot that wicks water up to the plant’s roots. They are simple, self-watering and fertile.  To be successful all you need to do is add water. Grow greens with Baby Kale & Arugula Kit. If you know a great cook, try giving them the Basil & Parsley Kit.  For the flower lover, there is the Pansy & Zinnia Kit.

Glass Vase

These glass vases are composed of two parts – the plate and the vase, which make it easy to take care of various plants. The plate supports growing plants such as herbs and succulents. It is also perfectly shaped for holding bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado. It lets you change the water without touching the plant. The vase has plenty of space for the roots to grow freely in the water. Without the plate, it can also be used to hold flowers. They are available in two sizes small and large and several colors.

Palm Tree Garden Jar

Give the tropics to that special friend.  Sprouting a Baby Palm Tree brings summer to any home. As the tree grows, it can be transplanted into a bigger pot or even directly into the ground (depending on location).

Seed Collections

Give the gift of future flowers.  We have put together different flowers so you can have a beautiful mix in your garden. All of our seed collections are organic.  Our Pollinator Seed Collection has a mix of 6 Organic Flower Seeds that attract pollinators.  The Zinnia Seed Collection is a mix of 3 different zinnia varieties and the Sunflower Seed Collection has a mix of 3 types of sunflowers.

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