Organic Pollinator Seeds

Get a mix of 6 Organic Flower Seeds that attract pollinators with this collection. The collection includes:

Lemon Bee Balm Flower - Plants form dense pink/light purple blossoms five to six inches tall, and as the name suggests, bees absolutely love this stuff. 

Sherbet Calendula Mix – In this mix you will get a lot of the classic orange and yellow blossoms, but also lighter pastels with variegated petals. This flower is a great all-purpose variety for both ornamental and culinary uses.

White Linen California Poppy - A cream-colored variant of our native California Poppy (Eschscholszia californica), White Linen has a long blooming period and low water requirements. 

Red Mano De Otono Sunflower - A second generation cross of two open-pollinated sunflowers: Velvet Queen and Chocolate (Helianthus annuus) - that we are working to further develop as a red-hued cut and bunch sunflower. 

Rosy Red Yarrow - (Achillea millefolium) is a beautiful variety of this classic flowering herb. Easy to start from seed and get established in the garden, and not at all picky about soil conditions. Plants eventually form clusters of flowers with variegated hues that range from pastel pink to deep red.

Thumbelina Zinnia Flower Mix - These cheerful ornamental flowers (Zinnia elegans) are fast growing and long blooming, and the stout nature of this variety makes it ideal for growers with constrained space, such as urban or container gardeners. However, Thumbelina works great in the field too Plants flower with pink, red, and yellow blossoms - often in pastel shades - and thrive in hot summer temperatures.

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