The color chartreuse is a shade between green and yellow but is usually considered a sub-category of green. The color is named after the French liqueur “chartreuse” which has a greenish-yellow hue.  The color represents enthusiasm, happiness, nature, growth, and youth. Chartreuse is an energetic color and is great for inspiration and motivation.  This unique color is seen in nature in many different plants. The color is bright and can be an eye-catching addition to any garden.

In the garden, chartreuse is a neutral color.  It is a resourceful color and it goes well with every color and is also a bright, bold attention getting color that can be used in small spaces.  Here are some flowers and plants that are chartreuse that might look great in your garden:

ColorBlaze Lime Time Coleus – This coleus is from Proven Winners has striking chartreuse foliage.  The plant is heat tolerant and deer resistant.  It also will attract birds and hummingbirds to your garden.

Flashpoint Red Hot Poker – This Proven Winner thriller is a new variety and will certainly become an eye-catcher in your garden. Use it in your garden or in a container.  The chartreuse and white spiky flowers will grow 48 – 54 inches high. The flower will bloom all summer long and is hardy for zones 5 – 9.

Green Start Gladiolus - This gladiolus has ruffled lime green flowers.  Their sword-like foliage produces a tall flower stalk adorned with funnel-shaped blooms that open from the bottom of the stem to the top.  These flowers bloom in the summer and are deer-resistant. Hardiness zones 8-10.  

Guacamole Hosta - Guacamole Hosta has medium-large, shiny round leaves with a chartreuse center and wide green edge. The plant produces large fragrant lavender flowers. It is a rapid grower and sun tolerant. Hardiness Zones 3 – 9.

Queen Lime Zinnia – This beautiful zinnia is bright apple green and looks great in the garden or in a vase. The blooms are dahlia-like as they have double petals.

Rainforest Sunrise Hosta - Rainforest Sunrise Hosta has small, slightly cupped and corrugated leaves with a fluorescent chartreuse center and deep green margins. This Hosta has thick substance and is slug resistant.  It is a strong grower with bright summer color. Hardiness Zones 3 – 9.

Sedum – There are two new sedum varieties Lemon Coral (Proven Winners) and Prima Angelina (Darwin Perennials) that have needle-shaped leaves in a brilliant chartreuse color. This plant makes a wonderful groundcover or can be used in a rock garden. Plant sedum in a sunny location or use it as an accent in a mixed succulent container. This plant is drought tolerant and is hardy for zones 4 – 9.

Solar Tower Lime Ipomoea – The brightly colored lime green leaves of this sweet potato vine are great for mixed containers or garden beds. You can also try it in a mixed combination container with flowers. This plant will grow from spring through autumn and is drought tolerant and low maintenance.

If you have chartreuse in your garden, let us know what flowers or plants you use.

Photos courtesy of Ball Seed, Proven Winners, and Rare Seeds. Blooming Secrets did not receive any fees from Ball Seed, Proven Winners, or Rare Seeds. 

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