Organic Root Veggies

This collection includes a mix of 4 organic root vegetable seeds. This collection includes:  

Nantes Coreless Carrot - These bright orange carrots will grow in most soils and produces carrots 6-8 inches long.  The carrots are coreless as the name suggests.  They are tender and have excellent flavor. 

Purple Plum Radish - Purple Plum (Raphanus sativus) is a beautiful radish with juicy, crisp roots that are white on the inside with deep purple skin. In all but the hottest weather, the roots hold well. This is pretty incredible, considering how fast they grow from seed.

Riverside Onion - This yellow-skinned onion is on the sweeter side, but there is a hit of spiciness in there as well. Bulbs can reach over two pounds and have good storage potential due to their thick outer later.

Shiraz Tall Top Beet - Hands down the best open-pollinated beet available today, Shiraz Tall Top (Beta vulgaris) is an exemplar of organic crop breeding work from the modern legends of the craft.  This beet is selected over many seasons for lush, tall tops that can be leaf harvested and red round roots resistant to Rhizoctonia dry rot (a common fungal disease).

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