Violas are a popular choice for gardens due to their delicate beauty and low maintenance needs. They are known for their purple, blue, yellow, and white flowers. These flowers have been cultivated for centuries and bring joy to many gardeners with their vibrant colors and sweet scents. Violas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors which makes them perfect for any garden. Their ease of care makes them ideal for beginners as well as experienced gardeners alike. With proper care, violas can last throughout the growing season providing an array of vibrant blooms that will surely brighten up any yard or garden. From their scented blooms to being edible, there is much more to viola flowers than meets the eye!

These flowers are considered both annual and perennial, depending on their variety. Annual violas, such as Johnny Jump-ups, will bloom for one season before dying off while perennial varieties will continue to bloom year after year. The ideal climate for violas is one with a cooler climate. They are the perfect flower for beginning and ending your gardening season if you live in a cooler climate. In a warmer climate, they can bloom throughout the winter. Try planting them in the spring if you are in a cool climate and in the fall if you do not have a climate that gets winter frost.

Violas thrive in cool temperatures and need plenty of bright but indirect sunlight. This is not a problem when planted in the spring, but if you plant them in the summer make sure they are shaded from the afternoon sun. They require slightly acidic well-drained soil. Fertilize the plants in the spring and again in the fall to promote blooms. To encourage healthy growth, deadhead the flowers once they start to wither away, as this will provide the plant with more energy to produce more flowers. With these conditions in place, violas will be sure to create a stunning display of delicate blooms that can bring your garden or outdoor space alive!

The Beautiful Colors Of Violas

Violas' bright colors make them the perfect choice for adding a pop of color to your garden beds and containers. Here are the many colors of one variety of violas (Viola F1 Sorbet XP), which we saw at the California Spring Trials.

Blackberry – This gorgeous viola is fragrant and has velvety black-purple flowers with a yellow center.

Black Delight – The velvety black-purple petals have a yellow center with also a touch of bright purple.

Fizzle Sizzle Mini Mix – These violas have frilly petals and a mix of purple shades, tapestry, and yellow.

Honeybee – These flowers are bright and sunny with their honey-colored blooms. They have unique flower patterns and markings.

Midnight Glow – This plant features dark blue and yellow-faced petals with purple wings.

Morpho – This annual flower is yellow and blue bi-colored.  

Orange Jump Up – These beautiful orange and purple flowers have a whiskered face.

Pink Jump Up – These flowers are pink and yellow bi-colored and have a whiskered face.

Red – These flowers are dark red with black markings that surround a yellow eye.

Red Blotch -  These flowers are orange-red with burgundy markings that surround a yellow center.

Rose Blotch – This plant has rose blooms with a dark blotch in the center and a yellow eye. 

Tiger Eyes - The flowers are bright yellow with heavy brown stripes that surround a black eye.

Let us know your favorite colors!

Photos courtesy of Jill Mazur

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