Trying new plants in your garden can open a world of possibilities, from vibrant flowers to lush foliage and even edible fruits. With the right combination of plants, you can create an oasis in your own backyard. Not only will it look great but experimenting with different species can also provide you with interesting information about the environment around you. Exploring new plants in the garden is a great way to learn more about gardening and get closer to nature.

As we head into the planning stages for our gardens this year, we offer some beautiful new plants for your consideration. Adding new plant varieties to your garden can be a great way to add beauty, color, and texture to your outdoor space. Not only are new plants great for the aesthetic of the garden, but they can also provide several benefits such as attracting beneficial insects, providing food sources for wildlife, and improving soil quality. With a careful selection of plants and proper gardening techniques, you can create an oasis that will thrive in your climate. With the right combination of plants and care, you will be able to create a unique and beautiful garden that is full of life.

Here are twelve new plants we wanted to put on your radar for consideration:

Blueberries & Cream Petunia – Blueberries & Cream petunia is part of the SureShot Series. This petunia has deep purple-blue flowers with cream edges. This name matches the flower. The flowers bloom from early spring to late autumn. They look great in hanging baskets and patio containers. When the flowers are finished, remove them for more blooms. Using a liquid fertilizer every two weeks will help more blooms to appear.

Petunia Headline Strawberry Sky – This is the latest addition to the “Headliner Sky” spotted petunia series. The flower has a bright strawberry hue with white speckles. It will bloom from March – October and grows 10-16 inches tall and 20-30 inches wide.  It grows well in large baskets, pots, and combinations.

Little Shine Sedum – This sedum has small, bright green, heart-shaped leaves. The plant is easy to take care of and fast growing. It can serve as a drought-tolerant groundcover. The plant can also be grown in containers and looks great in a hanging pot as it has a trailing component. It loves full sun conditions and will grow 2-3 inches tall and spread 5-7 inches. Hardy is down to zone 6.

MicroBlaze™ Matchsticks Coleus - MicroBlaze™ Matchsticks Coleus has small leaves with stunning colors and a beautiful pattern. The plant features a vibrant burgundy center with scalloped lime green edges and a touch of pink. The unique foliage pattern will not fade in the sun. It is perfect for small patios and container mixes and can also be used as a border along a walkway. The plant grows 12-18 inches tall.

Rudbeckia August Forest – Rudbeckia August Forest is a unique Black-Eyed Susan with velvety green flowers that gets darker over time. The plant blooms starting in the summer and will last until a fall frost. A prolific bloomer, you will have flowers all season long and can also use them as cut flowers. Plant in full sun to partial shade. While the plant is drought tolerant, it is best to keep watering it during the season. Use these flowers in a cut flower, cottage, or pollinator garden. This annual plant grows 15 inches tall and wide.

Colocasia Hawaiian Waikiki - Colocasia Hawaiian Waikiki is a unique addition to The Royal Hawaiian® Colocasia collection. This collection was bred and developed to be sturdy garden performers and work well in containers. It has deep-green glossy foliage with white and vivid pink veins. The stems on the plant are deep burgundy. This plant is the 2023 AAS (All-America Selections), Ornamental Plant Winner, the first Colocasia to win this award. It can be grown in full sun, partial shade, or semi-shade. Hardiness zones 7-11.

Lithodora Tidepool™ Sky Blue – Lithodora Tidepool™ Sky Blue is a true-blue flowering perennial plant that loves the full sun. It is an early to mid-spring bloomer and grows 6-9 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide. It looks great in containers and has a wonderful full-growing habit. It can also be planted in flower beds. Hardiness zones 5-9.

Osteospermum Bright Lights Horizon Sunset – This Osteospermum has large salmon orange and lavender blue daisy flowers. This annual or tender perennial flower is a continuous bloomer from summer to fall. This plant works well in hanging baskets, window boxes, patio planters, and landscapes. The plants grow 8-12 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide. They perform best in partial to full sun. Hardiness zones 9-11.

Lobelia Rift Purple – This lobelia has bold colors splattered with white variegation. The plant has a trailing habit and would be great in a hanging basket or a filler in a mixed container. It is a vigorous bloomer and starts flowering in early spring and continues into fall for an extended season. Performs best in partial sun. Height can reach 8-12″.

Pericallis Senetti White Red Heart – This plant will provide early spring color and the flowers grow three inches across. The flower count on these plants can be as high as 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot. The daisy-like flowers are pure white with a darkened red center and a purple ring around the edges. Senetti has a unique reblooming ability and can be cut back for a fresh flush of flowers.

Ptilotus Matilda – The petite lilac or silvery-pink flower will add texture and color to your garden, container, or floral arrangement. The shape of the flower is like a bottlebrush and has a light feathery appearance. The texture of the plant is actually coarse which enables it to have a longer vase life. The plant is native to Australia and is heat and drought-tolerant.  It is known to be prettier than its sister Ptilotus Joey.

Muhlenbergia capillaris Ruby – If you are a fan of grass, make sure you look at Muhlenbergia capillaris Ruby. This grass has a gorgeous pink inflorescence color. It is ideal for mass plantings. This plant is heat and drought-tolerant plant and grows 28-32 inches tall and spreads 24-36 inches. The plant needs warmer temperatures for better flower initiation and lush blooms. Hardiness zones 6-9.

Let us know if you try any of these plants this year!

Photo acknowledgments:

Blueberries & Cream Petunia, Petunia Headline Strawberry Sky, Little Shine Sedum, MicroBlaze™ Matchsticks Coleus, and Rudbeckia August Forest photos courtesy of Ball Seed.

Colocasia Hawaiian Waikiki photos courtesy of PlantHaven International.

Lithodora Tidepool™ Sky Blue photos are courtesy of ThinkPlants.

Osteospermum Bright Lights Horizon photos courtesy of Proven Winners.

Lobelia Rift Purple photos courtesy of PAC Elsner / Westhoff – /

Pericallis Senetti White Red Hearts photos courtesy of Suntory Flowers.

Ptilotus Matilda and Muhlenbergia capillaris Ruby photos courtesy of Ernst benary of America. 

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