Right now, with everything in bloom, we are all enjoying the beautiful plants and colorful flowers in our gardens.   If you want to keep the color going in the garden for the late summer and fall, now is the time to plan.  For these flowers to thrive later in the season, you will need to plant them now, so they have time to establish.

Here are some different late-season blooms to have to preserve the color In your garden:

Achillea Love Parade - This perennial plant also known as Yarrow has attractive pink blooms and bright green foliage.  If you are a pink flower lover, this one is for you as it has dense clusters of 1/2" blooms that highlight blush pink petals with pale yellow stamens. An "improved" garden selection developed from a species native to the far north-east of Russia, they are a very ornamental and cold hardy.  Deadhead the plant to promote continued blooming.  The plant should last through October.  This perennial will bloom in the first year and makes a lovely cut flower in a vase.  Pollinators are attracted to this plant. It is hardy for zones 3 – 9.  You can get seeds from Uprising Seeds here.

Echinacea Green Twister – Echinacea Green Twister is a striking flower with unusual colors.  The flower starts out chartreuse and then it transitions to a carmine-red center.  The colors and patterns will vary by the flower.  It is also known as Coneflower.  The plants have proven to be remarkably hardy and staunch in the garden.  They grow 2-3 feet tall.  Plant it in full sun, in well-drained soil.  It is drought tolerant and performs well in high heat and humidity, part sun, and poor soil. Butterflies and bees love the nectar of the flowers and goldfinches can’t help but flock to the seeds during the fall.  It is hardy for zones 3 - 8.  Ready to grow this flower, get seeds from Rare Seeds today.

Kniphofia Flashpoint – Kniphofia is a perennial and also known as Red Hot Poker.  The plant is known for bringing drama to the garden with its spiky orange or red flowers.  Flashpoint is a newer variety, and the flowers start out chartreuse and mature to creamy white over grass-like foliage. It grows well in any well-drained soil, although a good supply of water is appreciated when in bloom. If zone 5b or 6, provide winter protection with mulch or leaves. Trim the leaves in spring to stimulate healthy, new growth. It is hardy for zones 5 – 9.

Rudbeckia sahara - Rudbeckia sahara is a newer variety of Rudbeckia.  It has chocolate brown centers ringed with luxurious petals in muted shades of caramel, old rose, sienna, yellow and more. It grows up to 24 inches tall.  It is an excellent cut flower that blooms dependably from midsummer to fall on tall, strong stems. The plant is easy to grow in any well-drained soil. It is bee-friendly and is a great selection for a butterfly garden.  This variety is deer and rabbit resistant.  Grow as a perennial in zones 9-10, it’s a self-seeding annual in cooler zones.

Salvia curviflora – Salvia curviflora is a beautiful perennial salvia with long spikes of bright pink or magenta-colored blooms with contrasting dark green foliage.  It looks great when planted on a sunny border or used in a container.  The flowers are loved by bees and hummingbirds, who are attracted to their nectar-rich flowers.  The plant grows about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It can be pruned after the blooms have faded to keep it looking good and it is hardy for zones 8 – 11. Find this salvia at Flowers By The Sea.

Let us know your favorite plants that add color to your garden in late summer and fall.

Photos courtesy from Uprising Seeds, Rare Seeds, Proven Winners, and Flowers By The Sea.

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