Lilies are colorful, distinctive, and one of the most popular flowers to grow.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and many are fragrant.  In recent years, technology and scientific creativity has allowed for the development of new hybrids.  One of these new advancements is Orienpets, which is a cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies.  They also go by the name of OT hybrids.  These new bulbs can make it through a late Midwestern frost without killing the buds.  They have a wonderful fragrance and the exotic, large, bloom shape of Oriental lilies.  Depending on the variety of Orienpets, the plant can grow 3 to 8 feet tall.

The reason to plant these lilies is they are fairly tough, and their stems are quite sturdy which often do not need staking.  Orienpet Lilies are more disease resistant and have increased reliability.  Once established they can endure drought as well as downpours just as long and they are in well-drained soil and are not sitting in water.

These lilies are exotic-looking and can add drama to your landscape. The plants come in an array of colors including beautiful shades of pinks, reds, whites, and yellows.  They typically are a late summer bloomers. When other flowers are starting to fade, these striking blooms are welcome in the garden.

Six Popular Orienpets

Anastasia Lily – Anastasia Lily is a dazzling giant Orienpet. The huge flowers are rosy-pink with white shading towards their elegantly recurved tepal tips. The wide blossoms showcase the pretty colors. This flower is a prolific bloomer with up to 20-30 flowers per bulb.  They are long-lasting and have a strong fragrance.

Belladonna Lily – These cheerful yellow lilies have large 7-inch flowers. The long-lasting flowers have a soft pleasing fragrance.

Black Beauty Lily – This lily has recurved flowers of dark crimson that grow 3 inches across. The flowers have narrow white margins, graceful protruding anthers, and a noticeable green star center.  On a well-established plant, each stem can have 50 flowers. They have a long-lasting fragrance.

Nymph Lily – This lily has large trumpet-shaped cream-colored blossoms with a deep rose-pink stripe along each petal.  These long-lasting flowers are said to have a delightful fragrance.

Robert Swanson Lily – This striking lily has large, red flame blossoms that are up to 7 inches wide with gently recurved tepals tipped in buttery yellow and contrasting with light green stigma. The flower has a light, pleasing fragrance.

Scheherazade Lily – Scheherazade Lily has huge crimson flowers that grow 8-10 inches wide. The flowers are edged in gold with strong recurved tepals that are tipped in white, which later fade to cream. This prolific bloomer will grow up to 40 flowers per stem. The plant is often referred to as “lily trees”.  They have a wonderful fragrance.

Planting And Care Of Orienpets

Plant Orienpets like you do your other lilies.  They can be planted in the fall or spring.  If you plant them in the spring, you need to make sure the chance of frost has passed. These plants need full sun (at least 6 hours of sun) and well-drained soil.

This type of lily can be planted just about anywhere - borders, beds, cutting gardens, perennial gardens, pots, and containers.  Plant them approximately 6 inches deep and about 12 inches apart.

Do not remove the leaves until they have died down in the fall.  They help provide nourishment to the bulb for next season’s flowers.

These perennials need to be divided every four to five years.  All you have to do is dig up the bulbs and separate them.  These flowers are hardy for zones 5 – 9.

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