A garden fence is a vital part of any garden. It provides privacy and security, as well as a spatial perspective and a sense of enclosure and protection. It will also help to keep your garden well-maintained and clean. Fences are also beneficial for those who live in an area with high foot traffic. The fences can help you to grow different types of plants, as they will be protected from the elements. A garden fence will function as an edge to the garden, separating it from the outside world.

The most common materials for fences are wood, metal, vinyl, and stone. Each material has its own pros and cons. For example, metal fences are typically cheaper than wood fences, but they require more maintenance as they will rust over time. Whereas wooden fences may not be as durable as metal or vinyl fences but they typically last longer than the other materials.

Here are some interesting design ideas for fences we have seen:

Decorative Fence – If you already have a fence and want to jazz it up rather than tearing it down and getting a new one, try decorating it. You can add hanging baskets and different size planters to it. Try creating your own fence art with birdhouses.

Espalier – We really love this technique of growing a tree up a wall. Why not try growing it up a fence. This can be done on a concrete fence or on a wooden frame. For more details on how to do this read our blog post on this technique.

Painted Fence – Painting your fence is another great idea to rejuvenate an old fence. Try using a bright, vibrant color, or if you are artistic try painting a mural on the fence.

Pallet Fence – Using an old pallet can provide an attractive divider or addition to an existing fence. It also is a way to recycle materials that might end up in a dump. Pallets are meant to withstand heavy loads and weather. You can also use the pallet material to make a planter.

Picket Fence – This is a traditional or classic fence for a garden. Paint it white and have bright flowers near it or try some other fun color. Having a hinged gate is also a plus!

Wattle Fence – This is an ancient fence and is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. This fence is typically made out of willow or chestnut trees because the wood is pliable when soaked. This sturdy fence is great if you have plants that need to be protected from wind or need a support. This type of fence will allow you to use branches instead of burning or destroying branches and can add beauty to your garden. This type of fence will allow you to use branches and can add beauty to your garden.

Wire Fence – A mesh wire fence can give you a sense of privacy and it allows you to grow plants along it or actually in it. Depending on the size of the opening a small container can fit in it. You can swap out the plants seasonally to keep its look exciting!

Wood and Brick – A fence like this can add some elegance to a garden. Bricks make excellent supports and the beams can be made of wood. This type of fence provides great protection for any size garden.

If you have any other design ideas for a fence, let us know.

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