Remember the Coffee Can Garden Hacks I was telling you about?  Well, what would you say to even More Coffee Can Garden Hacks?  Right?  I knew you'd love it.

Again, as we talked about, gardening is not an inexpensive hobby but there are many ways to save money and they are right in your own house. Items that you might recycle or that could end up in a landfill make great tools and can help you with your gardening budget. As part of my series, Inexpensive Garden Hacks and Upcycles I've got a couple More Coffee Can Garden Hacks that you should really try.

More Coffee Can Garden Hacks

I predict that I will be buying coffee in bulk for a long time yet, and when the coffee can is empty I have plenty of other uses for it. Coffee cans can be upcycled into seed mixers and pots!  

Coffee Can Seed Mixers

I’ve used these coffee cans to help mix grass seed for bare spots. I put some top soil in the can filling it to about 3/4 full and then put the seed in. Put the lid on, shake it up and you have seed mixed with soil that you can easily carry around the yard to fill in those spots.  This is a good idea too if you're mixing wildflower seeds, or butterfly or bee garden seeds for sprinkling or broadcast spreading.  If you still have some left, you can just shelve the packable stackable cans!

Coffee Can Pots

When I need a small container or vase to put flowers in I poke some holes it the bottom, with a hammer and nail, and then spray paint them with a paint that can be used on plastic and I have a pot ready to go.  Of course, there are no limits to the decorating options. Check out this Farmhouse Planter for some inspiration.

Coffee Can Decor

Coffee cans can be upcycled into wind chimes, lanterns, bird feeders and more.  Check out our boards on Pinterest for all kinds of brilliant ideas.  

Ideas On Organizing Your Gardening Supplies

Love these ideas?  Make sure you check out our future posts on Egg Carton Garden Hacks and the rest of the Inexpensive Garden Hacks and Upcycles series.

Spring Cleaning Tip

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