Black flowers and plants are unique and add some intrigue and mystery to your garden.  These plants may look black but are actually a deep shade of purple or red.

There are people who grow ‘Goth Gardens’, where they just have all dark colored flowers and plants. You might not want to go that far, but if you are looking to try something new why not add one of these dark-colored plants or blooms to your garden. Many of these plants look great partnered with white plants or brightly colored flowers. They also can be grown to create interesting floral arrangements.

Here are some of our recommendations to try.  If you grow these it will be alright to have a black thumb.

Veronne’s Obsidian Dahlia

This dark-hued dahlia is something to behold when in full bloom!  This unique dahlia has an orchid-like form and deep red-black petals with a bold yellow center. This flower will attract butterflies and bees to your garden.

Calla Lilies

In the past few years, there have been several different varieties of dark purple almost black Calla Lilies.  Calla lilies are an annual flower in colder zones but hardy in zones 8 – 10 and are also deer resistant. We are going to highlight two of them.

Eclipse – this calla lily has very dark purple flowers with silvery-grey hues. This flower will certainly add some drama to your garden.

Odessa - the blooms on this calla lily have almost-black purple, blooms. When these blooms are combined with the bold, speckled leaves, it is eye-catching. This flower also looks great when used as a cut flower.


New dark color varieties of Lilies have become extremely popular. Lilies have slender stalks topped with clusters of flowers. Three varieties are highlighted below.

Black Charm Lily – This lily is one of the darkest lilies available. This Asiatic lily blooms in summer. Lilies look great planted behind or even under perennials for a dramatic effect. Hardiness Zones 3-9. 

Black Pearl Lily – This is also one of the darkest lilies available. The flowers are a black-red. This newer Asiatic lily blooms in the summer and will grow up to 3 feet.  

Landini – This Asiatic Lily has dark purple-red to almost black flowers. It is also one of the darkest lilies available.  It is a stand out in the garden.

Paul Scherer ® Triumph Tulip

The purple-black flowers are eye-catching when they bloom in the garden in mid-spring. Like most Triumph Tulips, this variety has strong, sturdy stems and looks fantastic in spring floral arrangements.

Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears or Colocasia have recently grown in popularity. People love the huge foliage. These darker varieties can be planted near water too.  Some of them enjoy the sun and others just like partial sun so check which variety works best for you. Three varieties are highlighted below

Black Coral – The foliage on this plant is dark purple almost black with striking blue veins. This Elephant Ear is great for containers and makes a great thriller. It is an annual for garden beds in Northern climates and a perennial in Southern climates. Add some tropics to your garden. 

Black Magic - The purple-black leaves of this variety appear velvety from a distance. Black Magic creates a striking look in partial shade location in your garden. You can grow these plants in a container or use them as a dark backdrop to your favorite bright flowers.

Diamond Head – This variety has large, blue-black leaves. The surface on the leaves is smooth and they can reach up to a foot. For best color, grow this variety in full sun.

Black Scallop Ajuga Reptans

This plant is also known as Bugleweed and has very dark burgundy to almost black glossy foliage. In the early spring, dark violet-blue flowers will bloom. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew and heat tolerant.

Black Bat Flower

This flower is black and looks like it has ears and whiskers. This plant grows wild in China but to grow it in the United States it takes a lot of work. The plant needs partial sun or filtered light, warmer temperatures and good air circulation. The plant can be planted in a clay pot (at least 6-inches) to keep the root system healthy. It will grow two to three feet and blooms from late spring all the way until early fall. This plant loves humidity and hates the cold, so when it starts to get chilly better bring the plant indoors.

Black Pansy

There are many black pansies, including Halloween II, Black Beauty, Black Moon, and Black Star. These pansies are easily available in garden centers. These flowers enjoy cool temperatures, moist soil and light and will bloom from spring through fall. They are sold as annuals but are actually short-lived perennial that will last for around two years.

Black Petunia

Black petunias were introduced to the world in 2010. Like the black pansy, there are many varieties including Black Velvet, Little Black Dress, and Black Cat. These flowers bloom from last spring until mid-fall.  They grow best in full sun to partial shade. They do well in containers and need good drainage. They are an annual flower.

Bearded Iris

There are many black bearded iris varieties. I find the bearded iris flowers look closer to black compared to other plants we mentioned.  Here are two of our favorites.

Hello Darkness - Hello Darkness is one of the best dark Irises. These Irises blooms are a deep, velvety purple-black

Ghost Train - The Iris has ruffled petals with almost black-purple falls and a slight frill on the edges of the falls with a contrasting blue beard.

Jet Black or Nigra Hollyhock

This beautiful variety of Hollyhock was mentioned in 1629 and was planted in the gardens at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson. The flowers of this variety are nearly-black with a hint of red.   Plant this in an area with a lot of white or in the back of your flower bed. You can get seeds for this flower here

Black Taffeta Heuchera

This perennial plant has a glossy black foliage that is silky and smooth with large dark ruffled leaves.  White flowers will appear in the late spring. This plant is easy to grow and hardy for zones 4 – 9.

Let us know if you grow any of these or other black flowers.

Photos courtesy of Growing Colors and Rare Seeds.

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  • Oct 19

    You didn’t include “Black Mondo Grass”.  I have been growing it for years.  Makes great edging.

    Thank you for letting us know about this plant. I will add it to the article this week.  We appreciate your interest in this topic.

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