I am a member of a talented group of bloggers called Blooming Bloggers. We connect through Facebook and help each other by sharing social media experiences, discussing blogging and promoting each other on social media. The group contains bloggers who write on a variety of interests and topics such Gardening, DIY, Home and Cooking (recipes). For the first time, we decided to collaborate on a color theme series. This month ‘Color Our World’ is Black. We hope you enjoy it!

First on our list is Teri Schuler from The Freshman Cook.  I think it is always good to start with something in the Food Category. Teri shares her recipe for Midnight Whoopie Pies. A chocoholics dream!

Now, we will switch over to the interior of our home with Renee Fuller’s of The Garden Frog’s posting on incorporating black into every room. 5 Reasons Why Every Room Needs Something Black gives you great tips on how and why you should add black to a room.

Next up in the gardening category is Lynn Cherot from Sensible Gardening, she has written a posting titled Gardening With Black, which highlights black flowers and foliage and the impact black can have in the garden. Lynn also shares some awesome photos of these plants.

Terri Steffes, from Our Good Life, shares the story of her Butterfly Garden and how she gained a new resident in the garden, a Black Swallowtail Butterfly.  Who doesn’t love a butterfly in their garden and this one is beautiful.

Last but not least is yours truly Blooming Secrets. This post is from our Year In Color Series. We highlight different black plants you can add to your garden throughout the year, so you can always have some black in your garden. The posting is titled, There’s Just Something About Black.

We hope you enjoyed reading #BB Color Our World- Black and check back with us next month to learn more about adding Orange to your world. 

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