When it comes to planting small containers size can really matter. Most plants are not suitable for small container gardening as their roots may require more space than the container can provide or the plant requires a steady supply of water and the small container will dry out too quickly. Another concern with small containers is that their size allows them to become “lost” and they may not draw attention to themselves the way that you might like them too. One way to combat this particular problem is to find plants whose blooms are so large and colorful that they can’t help but stand out. 

Here are 4 of my favorite plants with big blooms that look great in small containers:


Gerbera Daisy - Gerberas are popular due to their large daisy-like flowers which come in an array of colors including red, yellow, orange, white and pink. Their long stems make them a good cut flower candidate and while they are often treated as a summer annual they actually are a tender perennial that can be grown indoors during the winter. They can be grown from seed or plants are often available in garden centers. They are a good choice for small containers as they don’t do well in wet soil. They may cease to bloom during the heat of summer as they do prefer the cooler temperatures of spring and fall.

Amaryllis - While they may look exotic Amaryllis are actually an easy plant to grow and bring into bloom indoors. The bulb and its roots prefer to be crowded so a small 6 to 8-inch container is ideal for them. Just make sure the pot is substantial as an Amaryllis bloom is large and can easily cause a lighter pot to topple over. Depending upon the variety and when you plant the bulb it is possible to have Amaryllis plants blooming from December into April. Please check out our more detailed article on Amaryllis and how to maintain the bulb after it finishes blooming. Learn more here.

Sunflower - While we are all familiar with the Sunflower many people don’t realize that there are smaller varieties that grow only 1 to 2 feet tall. While they may be small height wise the flowers are still 3 to 6 inches in diameter and these characteristics make them a good choice for small pots. These smaller varieties of Sunflower can also be used for cut flowers in arrangements. They are easy to grow from seed and grow quickly which make them a good plant to use as an introduction to gardening for young children.

Geraniums - This dependable flower comes in an array of colors that are sure to catch anyone’s eye. They can be grown as a houseplant as well as outside in your garden and do well in a small container as a single specimen plant. There are even varieties that cascade over the side of a container like Ivy. This plant is easy to maintain in a small pot as it can tolerate dry conditions but they will benefit from a little fertilizer every few months to keep the leaves from turning yellow. 

If you have other plants with big blooms that are great for small containers please post them on our Facebook page and share them with all of us.

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