It is time for another Color Our World round-up from the wonder bloggers of Project Beautiful. This month’s color is White.  The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. In color psychology, white is the color of new beginnings or wiping the slate clean.  I think this is a great choice as we have our first round-up post of the year.

There are quite a few gardening posts this month so we will save those to the end. First, we will start with a food post.

From the Freshman Cook, we have a recipe for Chicken Marinara Panini. If you want a quick, easy meal for your family be sure to give it a try. You can even make the chicken ahead of time and then it will take only 15 minutes to make. The photo is making me hungry for a Panini. Get here recipe here.

Terri Steffes, from Our Good Life, has a recipe for Warm Vanilla Milk Taste Creations, which sounds great for a cold winter day. Terri says, “Warm Vanilla is the complete opposite of Hot Chocolate in every way. This drink is mellow, not too rich and can be very low sugar and low fat, depending on how you want to make it! Get the recipe here!

Now we are going to switch over to our gardening posts. Renee Cumberworth from The Garden Frog writes about her experience growing and care for a Formosa Lily. She picked this flower up at fall plant sale at the Lewis Ginter botanical garden. She had no experience with this flower prior to her purchase. Find out what she learned here.

Karen Creel, of Garden Chick, tells us about The Obedient Plant, a perennial she picked up on sale at Lowe’s. She planted the flower in a green area to give it a little color. Learn more in this post how Karen “rescues” plants and where she planted it in her garden!

Lynne Cherot of Sensible Gardens tells us about white flowers, which are her favorite. She tells you why to use white flowers and has many suggestions of flowers you can use in your garden. Read here her many great ideas for adding white to your garden.

 A Guide to Northeastern Gardening written by Lee Miller posted an interesting article on White for Moon Garden. She tells us about plants with white blooms or silvery-white foliage and how they have a tendency to become more prominent during the early dawn and evening hours and have become quite popular in the design of moon, or night gardens. She highlights many flowers that can be used if you are interested in creating a moon garden. I encourage you to read this interesting post!

Finally, there is our post on The Year in Color: White As Snow. We highlight white flowers and plants you can have in your garden to keep this color present year round. So if you want some white flowers in your garden, but sure to check out our selections. 

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