Organic Flower Mix

This collection includes a mix of 5 organic flower seeds. This collection includes:  

Black Magic Bachelor Button - Bachelor buttons (Centaurea cyanus) are easy to grow, drought-tolerant flowers are also known as cornflowers. This particular variety is a deep purple maroon and makes a striking addition to bouquets or can be eaten in salads or on desserts. 

Black Hollyhock Flower - Black Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) is a striking, all-black/dark mahogany variation of this classic flower. Flowering stalks reach four to six feet tall and produce 15-20 blossoms per plant. 

Bright Lights Cosmos Flower - Cosmos flowers (Cosmos sulphureus) feature eye-popping papery yellow and orange blossoms approximately three to four inches in diameter. These bright flowers will light up any garden or field. 

Sultane Strawflower Mix - An eclectic Strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum) mix of pretty flowers in orange, red-pink, white, and yellow. These flowers reach approximately 3-4 feet tall and bloom throughout the summer. 

Thumbelina Zinnia Flower - These cheerful ornamental flowers (Zinnia elegans) are fast-growing and long-blooming, and the stout nature of this variety makes it ideal for growers with constrained space, such as urban or container gardeners. Plants flower with pink, red, and yellow blossoms - often in pastel shades - and thrive in hot summer temperatures.

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