How To Create A Plant Friendly Kitchen

After the living room, kitchens are the most popular location for houseplants.  The kitchen is a great location for plants because water is readily available and it often has a moist environment which plants love. Most kitchens are neutral so adding some green can help cheer up the space with green and colorful blooms.  I have added three new houseplants to my collection this year and they are all in the kitchen.  When it comes to plants in the kitchen most people think of having herbs on their kitchen windowsill but there is so much more you can do to create a plant-friendly kitchen.

Here are several ideas you can do in the kitchen to make it plant-friendly:

Dark Areas - If you have some dark locations in your kitchen don’t fret, you can still grow plants by adding grow lights under your kitchen cabinets.  Money Trees or Prayer Plants are excellent candidates to grow in this location. If you have enough counter space try growing microgreens. 

Shelf Space – Having open shelves in a kitchen can make the kitchen more stylish.  It adds light and makes the room airier.  If you have extra space on your shelf, try adding a trailing plant.  This will draw your attention up and add some fun in the room.  Some contenders for this location would be an Orchid Cactus, Philodendron, or Pothos plants.

Sunny Space – Many of us are lucky to have sunny spaces in our kitchens and often use them to grow herbs.  Herbs need and love the sun, so this is a great place for them.  Plus, it makes it easy to harvest the herbs exactly when you need them.  You can also try growing some hydroponic plants in this location. Another plant that will do well is Aloe Vera, which I know comes in handy for me when I get a minor burn. 

Large Island – If you have a large island this is a great location to add an eye-catching centerpiece or a unique plant.  Try locating a beautiful orchid arrangement or other flowering plants like African Violets.  Depending on the lighting conditions you can try a small tree or citrus plant, which is extremely popular right now.  My brother often has a seasonal plant like Amaryllis on his island. 

Remember to figure out your light exposure for your kitchen, so you can research the plants that will work best for you.  Since the plants will be in the kitchen you might want to check the plants for toxicity.

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