Attract Positive Energy To Your Home Or Office With These Plants

It seems these days’ people would like to bring some positive energy into their life.  When I do a Google search on the topic I received 114,000,000 search results.  One place we can look for good energy is through plants.  Research has shown that people who garden or spend time around plants have a better outlook on life.  They are less stressed and depressed.   Many of these plants also help with indoor air quality.  Nature has solutions to many things in life.

Here are six plants we found that will look great in any home or office and are known to bring positive energy:


Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is believed to bring good luck and positivity into your living or office environment.  It is reputed to also chase off negative vibes.  It makes sense since Aloe Vera does have remarkable healing qualities.   The gel in the fleshy leaves can help heal skin problems such as sunburn and burns.  Aloe Vera helps remove harmful toxins from the air.  It takes in carbon dioxide and turns it back as rich oxygen.  Aloe Vera grows best in a location that gets a lot of light, but it can’t be in direct sunlight or in a hot location. Aloe Vera is a succulent and does not need to be watered often.  If the leaves start getting limp and a brownish color you have watered it too much.

Jasmine – I love the scent of Jasmine.  It has the ability to soothe you when you are stressed and helps clear away negative energy.  I have a cup of green jasmine tea every morning. It is a natural air purifier and odor neutralizer.  Jasmine grows best in cool temperatures in a well lite or sunny location.  The best location is the southern exposure.  Good air circulation helps promote the beautiful white blooms which appear in the winter.  When blooming in the winter keep it out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  After the blooming period, water it less as this is its resting period.  In the summer the plant will benefit by being placed outdoors in a partly sunny spot to encourage growth.

Lavender – Lavender is another indoor plant that has a wonderful scent.  It is soothing and wonderful to help you relax and sleep.  It can also be used in the treatment of depression as it calms the mind.  The plant promotes peace, happiness, and harmony.  This is another plant that does not like to be overwatered.  The most challenging part of growing Lavender indoors is the plant needs bright light and heat to grow.  If you don’t have enough light you might want to invest in grow lights.  Plant it in quick-draining soil and a pot that has a drainage hole.  It does really well in a porous, clay pot. 

Lucky Bamboo - Chances are you’ve seen this plant growing in a glass container with just water and pebbles to keep the roots in place.  Several of the stems may be curved in addition to some that grow straight. This popular low maintenance houseplant is technically not bamboo but it sure does look like it!  Just like its name suggests it is a plant known for helping to keep positive energy flowing; which in turn will bring you good luck and harmony. It also protects against negative energy.  This plant helps remove benzene and trichloroethylene and also restores moisture in the air. Lucky bamboo requires no fertilization and little to no pruning. Just keep it out of direct sunlight and water it once every two weeks and you’ll have a distinctive plant that will last for years. It almost falls into that “can’t be killed” category!

Orchid – Orchids with their impressive blooms appear to be exotic but; they actually can be relatively simple to maintain if you understand the conditions that they require.  Orchids are thought to attract positive energy and bring it into your home or office.  The fragrance of this plant is a natural mood-booster. This pretty plant absorbs carbon dioxide and will release oxygen in the evening hours.  Orchids like to be in a bright location but not direct afternoon sunlight. They also need humidity, so put the potted plant on a tray of pebbles to increase the humidity when the air is dry.

Peace Lily – Peace lilies are an easy to grow, low-maintenance plant.  The plant is said to improve the flow of energy, which can promote a belief of peace and tranquility. This plant helps purify the air by removing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzenes, and ammonia.  Peace lilies are tropical and used to some sunlight and consistent moisture.  The best environment for growing them indoors is a well-lit area but out of direct afternoon sunlight.  If they get enough morning light, they can produce white to off-white flowers in the early summer and can continue to bloom throughout the year.  Make sure they are planted in well-drained soil.

Why not try adding one of these plants in your home or office and attract some positivity into your life. 

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