4 Easy Tricks That Will Change The Way You Protect Wildlife

According to Globalteer, wildlife conservation is defined as the practice of protecting animal species in their habitats, which means protecting both the animals and their habitat.  Wildlife helps maintain the ecological ‘balance of nature’ and maintain food and natural cycles.  We can make a difference on our own to help wildlife thrive and survive in our own backyards.  

Here are some simple tricks you can make in your backyard to protect wildlife:


Grow Native Plants – Plant flowers that are native to your region of the country.  Find native species that have berries, foliage, nectar, pollen, and seeds.  Select plants that bloom at different times, so there is a source of food for wildlife.  Try to find specific plants that are bee, butterfly, and hummingbird friendly. These will help pollinators in your area survive.  Sunflowers are a great choice as they feed pollinators when they are in bloom and have seeds that feed birds.

Provide Water For Wildlife – All animals need fresh water. You can put a birdbath, fountain, pond, or a shallow dish of water in a shaded location in your backyard.  Make sure you refresh the water every few days.  Wildlife often has a difficult time finding fresh water.  If you live near a natural spring or pond, help take care of it, so there is no debris or garbage to pollute the water. In the winter, remove any ice from a frozen pond or birdbath.

Create A Protective Cover For Wildlife – Wildlife needs safe places to hide and also take cover from the elements and weather.  Native shrubs and evergreens are great choices.  You can also try placing hollow logs, dead trees, or rock piles in your yard.

Provide A Place To Raise Young – This is different than a protective cover.  Try adding some birdhouses or nesting boxes in your garden.  Identify the birds that are native to your location and find the right kind of birdhouses for them.  Another thing you can do is grow milkweed to host caterpillars.

See how easy it is to create an inviting and safe habitat for wildlife.

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    Great reminder for our bird friends!

    Thank you.  Glad you liked it!

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