We are going to continue our look at Clematis Vines by sharing some of our tips and favorite vines.  

Other Tips On Growing Clematis Vines:

  • Clematis vines require substantial support to look their best. It is best to have that support in place before the vine has grown too tall.
  • A trellis, arbor or a fence can be used as a support for a Clematis vine, but you can also use natural supports such as shrubs and trees. Seeing a blooming Clematis vine weaving its way through a Lilac bush can be a beautiful thing.
  • Did you know that Clematis can also be allowed to grow along the ground? They can make an interesting and unique groundcover. Clematis variety Praecox is a good choice if you want to try this in your garden.
  • While mulching is a common practice used to keep Clematis roots cool this can also be accomplished by surrounding the Clematis with perennials or even a shrub that can shield it from the direct afternoon sun.
  • It is possible to grow a Clematis in a container too. Make sure it is a large pot; at least 18 inches in diameter.

Our Favorite Clematis

These are some of our favorite Clematis vines that you can try to plant this spring:

Favorite Purple Clematis - There are a number of candidates that could qualify for this title. Clematis Jackmanii has a light purple flower and Midnight Showers is another fine choice. Our favorite purple Clematis, however, is Etoile Violette. This variety is a group 3 stand out with a prolific blooming profile. There are so many flowers you virtually can’t see the leaves. It grows 10 to 12 feet tall and blooms in June through July. It is best grown in garden zones 4 through 8.  

Favorite Late Summer Blooming Clematis - Many gardens have almost flowered themselves out by the time September and October arrive; then Clematis Paniculata Sweet Autumn comes along to give one last burst of color before the frosts of fall arrive. This group 3 beauty has unique characteristics that aren’t found in every Clematis vine. Rather than large showy blossoms, its flowers are clusters of small star-like white blooms with a pleasant fragrance too. This vine is also able to withstand colder garden zones than many Clematis as it is hardy in garden zones 3 to 8. It grows 15 to 20 feet and requires a sturdy support system to look its best.

Favorite Red Clematis - Clematis Red Cardinal and Ernest Markham are popular with our customers, but Clematis Niobe is still our favorite red Clematis. Its deep red flowers look like velvet and it is a shorter variety which grows only 4 to 6 feet tall. This makes it a good candidate for a container. Niobe is a group 3 Clematis that is hardy in garden zones 4 to 8 and it blooms profusely from late May through early July.

Favorite Clematis for a Part - Shade Location - While most Clematis are sun lovers there are varieties that will thrive in a partly shady location too. Clematis Henryi is our choice for a location like this. It blooms from May into June and the shade actually makes the white flowers of this Clematis even brighter. Henryi is one of the oldest and most popular varieties of Clematis and falls into the group 2 category. It grows best in garden zones 4 to 8 and grows 10 to 15 feet tall.

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