There is often more interest in flowering annuals because they bloom more prolifically and for a longer period of time but perennials have their strong points too! Generally, they are less work than annuals as they come back and flower year after year. We thought we should show perennials a little love so we’re sharing our five favorite perennials for 2017. If you have a favorite perennial of your own we would love to hear about it! Please share it on our Facebook page or leave a comment for us.

The Ruby Glow Foxglove is number 5 on the Blooming Secrets list of favorite summer perennials. While foxgloves may be considered an old fashion flower Ruby Glow is something special. This new variety has bold colors which make it a must for today’s garden. While Ruby Glow is a perennial it does best in cooler conditions and is short-lived in the south. It has tall stalks of raspberry colored flowers with peachy-orange throats and the flower attracts hummingbirds. An added benefit is that Foxglove are deer and rabbit resistant and if the faded flower stems are removed more flowers will follow. This flower does best in Hardiness Zones 7 to 10 but please note that the flowers and leaves are highly toxic, so keep your children and pets away.

For the number 4 spot on our list, we have chosen Blue Star Sea Holly. Sea holly seems to thrive on neglect. It tolerates hot, dry sites and it looks great in a sunny border. Its pretty blue flowers also attract butterflies and the blooms can also be used in a dried arrangement. To dry the flowers cut the stems just as the first few flowers are fully opened then hang the stem upside down in a dark, warm room to dry. 

In our number 3 spot, we have selected an Oriental Lily known as Annika. We selected this plant because of its beautiful flowers. The blossoms are pure white with ruffled edges and pale green shading that eventually turns pink as the flower matures. Annika is also a double Lily with overlapping petals and it is highly fragrant. It is pollen free and will start blooming in late July or early August. This lily is guaranteed to fill your garden with color, fragrance, and beauty.  

While for some Tulip bulbs may not act like a perennial Black Parrot Tulips are beautiful enough to make an exception! They are number 2 on our list and if you want to add some drama to your spring garden try this bulb! It is dark purple on the outside and almost black on the inside. We also love this tulip for its frilly petals. This flower is a show stopper and one of the most glamorous flowers you can grow.

Finally, the suspense is over. Our top perennial for the year is the Niboe Clematis. We feel every gardener should try growing a clematis vine and you won’t find a better variety to grow than Niboe. This clematis has large velvety dark red flowers with yellow centers and it blooms from late spring to early fall. Niboe is an excellent choice for a trellis and can be taught to climb a wall, fence, or arbor and can even be grown in a container. 

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