As previously mentioned in other postings, this time of year, you might find your garden in need of a facelift.  You can still add color or brighten up your front porch or patio by redoing your containers with fall plants.  Time to give your garden one last hurrah!

Here are eight plants you can try, that can add color to your garden this fall:


Aster – In many parts of the country Asters are a fall perennial, but it can also be a great annual.  Its daisy-like flowers come in blue, pink, purple, and white.  These flowers are loved by pollinators like butterflies and bees.  They are also deer repellent.

Celosia - This plant is also known as Cockscomb and it is a durable and easy to care for plant.  There are several varieties with one looking like a brain and the other has feathery plumes.  The plant comes in burgundy, orange, red, and yellow.  They look great in containers or in your fall flower bed.

Chrysanthemum - Mums are a fall favorite and you can even pick them up in your local grocery store.  They come in many great fall colors like orange and red as well as peach, pink, white, and yellow.  These flowers also come in different sizes.  Put them in containers in bright, indirect light and water them throughout the fall.  Make sure you keep them looking clean by cutting off the buds after they flower.

Cyclamen – While this plant is typically grown as a houseplant in warmer garden zones (Zone 9 or warmer) it can be grown outdoors. There are also varieties that will survive in garden zones 6 through 8. The flowers are typically pink, red, or white and appear in fall gardens.  In recent years, there are smaller varieties that have been bred and some with ruffled textures and are bi-colored.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale – These plants are also referred to as Flowering Cabbage and Kale and are edible.  They tend to have a bitter flavor and are often used as a culinary garnish. The plants hold up well in cooler temperatures and will grow a long time if you live in a mild winter location.  They complement other fall flowers and add color and textures to your garden

Ornamental Peppers - This plant was bred to extend your summer garden to fall.  They were developed to be looked at rather than eaten and are quite spicy if you taste them. The plants are colorful and are available in orange, purple, red, and yellow.  There are several varieties and the peppers come in different sizes and shapes.  Plant these in a container and put them in a sunny location.

Purple Fountain Grass – Also, known as Pennisetum this easy to grow ornamental grass.  It is a great plant to go along with other fall flowers. Its burgundy-colored plume can be a dramatic addition to a container or as a bedding plant.  It adds great texture to the garden and is deer resistant.

Violas – Violas are related to pansies.  They are a smaller version of the plant.  Violas come in just about every color and the array of colors includes solids as well as bi-colors.  The flowers are delicate and elegant.  They are a perfect fall flower that holds up to rain and other weather.  The plants can be used in containers or planting beds. 

Let us know how you add color to your fall garden.

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