We are highlighting some of the new perennials we have seen at flower and plant trade shows that will be available online and at garden centers in the US. These plants have a range of bloom times and can fill your garden with flowers in spring, summer, and fall. Perennials are a cost-effective choice as they do not have to be planted every year. Check out many of the improvements the breeders have made to traditional plants. They include enhanced colors that do not fade to longer performing plants.

Here are our top 10 selections:

Achillea Penhow ‘Heartthrob’                                                                                      

If you are a fan of red flowers you might want to try this Achillea or Yarrow plant.  It has long-lasting, non-fading red flowers along with blue-green foliage for the better part of the summer. Pollinators, especially butterflies adore this plant! The plant will grow up to 18” tall, and the breeder promises it will not fall over in the summer.  This plant is drought-tolerant, wind tolerant, and deer resistant. It will look fantastic in your gardens, flower beds, and containers. It is hardy for zones 3-9. Plant it in full sun to partial shade.

Anemone Fantasy™ ‘Red Riding Hood’

Red Riding Hood is a new addition to the acclaimed Fantasy™ series of anemones. This plant has flowers in shades of dark, reddish-pink.  The flower blooms in late summer and goes through autumn. This anemone is compact and grows 12-18” tall and 18- 24” wide.  The plant will make a wonderful display in a container or in the garden. After the flower has bloomed the seed heads look like little cotton balls. This plant is hardy for zones 5 – 8. Plant these anemones in full sun to partial shade.

Campanula Spring Bell® Series

Seeing this eye-catching combination of blue and white flowers on display had me picturing what they would look like on my patio. These flowers are already popular in Europe. They are heavy bloomers, starting in late spring and early summer, and then they rebloom in September.  They can be used as a flowering houseplant and then can be transplanted in the garden.  The plants are covered with blooms and the foliage is deep green, which is hard to see with all of the blooms. Hardiness zones 5-9. Plant these flowers in full sun to partial shade.

Delosperma Jewel Of The Desert ‘Sunstone’

The Jewel of the Desert series has introduced ‘Sunstone’. This plant has bright orange flowers with purple centers.  This series is known for its extended bloom times, with flowers blooming all summer long. The plant is drought tolerant and hardy. It will grow around 6-inches high and 2-inches wide.  The plant loves the sun. It is hardy for zones 5-9.

Mountain Frost™ ‘Red Garnet’ Dianthus

This new variety is part of the popular Mountain Frost™ collection of dianthus.  It is a compact, tidy plant that has deep red flowers with silver-blue leaves.  It will not fade in the heat or the sun. It also claims to be more tolerant of rainy and wet conditions. The plant will perform best in full sun and only grow 8” tall by 12” wide. Hardiness zones 5-9.

Northern Exposure™ ‘Sienna’ Heuchera

This showy plant is part of The Northern Exposure™ series of heucheras from Terra Nova. ‘Sienna’ is the newest edition in the series and it produces sienna-orange leaves in summer.  In the spring with new growth the leaves are fresh green with reddish-orange centers. This particular variety is very hardy and last longer than other heuchera plants.  It is a compact plant growing 13” tall by 21” wide.  The flower spikes will grow up to 22”. This plant also attracts hummingbirds. Hardiness zones 4-9.

Origanum ‘Bellisimo’

A couple of years ago an ornamental oregano plant was introduced and we loved it.  ‘Bellisimo’ is another one of these plants and we think this is a winner.  This oregano plant is a wonderful mix of steel-blue, fragrant foliage and stunning plum-colored blooms and bracts in summer. The plant will grow 6-8” tall and up to 24” across, making it a pleasant ground cover, an unusual and fascinating hanging basket or a striking ‘spiller’ in larger combo pots. It flowers from mid-summer into fall. Once established, it is remarkably drought tolerant. Origanum ‘Bellisimo’ performs best in full sun. Hardiness zones 6-9.

‘Prima Angelina’ Sedum Rupestre

This bright colored Sedum was a standout at the spring trials.  Sedum ‘Angelina’ is a wonderful plant, and has been a best-seller for years and is a vigorous grower. In some situations, a smaller, slower growing form of the plant will work better. Darwin Plants to the rescue! ‘Prima Angelina’ offers the same bright color and texture throughout the season on a denser, more compact plant. Foliage retains its bright golden color even in the heat of summer. It only grows 3-6” tall and 6-8” wide. Hardiness zones 4-9.  

‘Little Redhead’ Spiegelia Marilandica

This gorgeous plant is native to the eastern US. Spigelia is underutilized in the landscape due to limited availability, but it's poised to make an explosion in popularity. The plant has dark red tubular flowers with yellow interiors. The foliage on this plant is wedge-shaped and dark green in color. This particular genus requires good drainage to thrive, so do not plant in areas with standing water. It is versatile enough to use in the sun or shade, it’s easy to grow, and tolerates a wide range of conditions. It will grow 24-28” tall and is hardy for zones 5 – 9.

‘Dancing Queen’ Hosta

Dancing Queen is the Hosta of the Year for 2020.  This unique yellow Hosta is big, bold, and vibrant. Unlike other yellow Hostas which will change color, this one starts out yellow and will stay that way all season. The large leaves have a prominent pie crust edge, adding even more pizzazz. It will grow 18” tall and 30” wide.  Purple flowers will appear in the summer. The plant is hardy for zones 3 – 9.

Photos courtesy of Planthaven, Plants Nouveau, Syngenta Flowers, Concept Plants, Darwin Perennials, Walters Gardens, and Terra Nova Nurseries.

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