There have been some articles written recently on plant stylists.  You may be asking what that is.  Similar to a hair or fashion stylist they are someone who is an expert in their chosen subject area. A plant stylist is great at growing indoor plants. They can come in a room, assess the conditions such as the directions the windows face, review your décor, and make recommendations to help enhance your home. They have a vast knowledge of plants and know the right ones that will do well in your home.  Here is an article on the tops that appeared in

With many of us spending more time in our homes, we thought we could give you some easy ways to liven up your surroundings with houseplants.  By adding green to your home, you will be bringing nature indoors.  The color green symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness.  Green also has a strong emotional correspondence of safety, which we could all use.  It is a great accent color to any palette and plants are a great substitute for other kinds of accessories.

Another great benefit of houseplants is they can help improve air quality by removing pollutants and toxins out of the air.  Houseplants can also help reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your cognitive skills.  Houseplants come in different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit any decor.

Here are some easy ideas of how you can integrate plants into your home:

  • Get imaginative with containers.  Containers come in many materials such as ceramics, zinc, wood, and glass.  They also come in many sizes and colors. Containers can help spice up a room.
  • Find the right spot. A room facing south or east with a view and a window is the best location for sunlight.
  • Plants help fill in an empty space.  You can cluster small plants together in coordinating or different containers to fill in an awkward or empty space.  You can also add a nice floor plant to fill the space.
  • Use plants to create a living sculpture.  A beautiful plant cascading out of a hanging pot can become a focal point in your home. 
  • Grow edibles in your kitchen.  Plant your herbs or salad greens in containers that attach to a window, allowing you to keep your countertop space.

Let us know how you have added houseplants to your home.

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