When it comes to home decorating, there are many factors that affect the design, such as the location and style of the home. There are a few simple and easy ways to decorate one's house to enhance its beauty. One easy home decor idea is putting plants everywhere!

Homes with plants in them are said to be filled with more life, beauty, and even happiness. It is a widespread belief that having plants around your house can improve our moods and feelings of well-being. They also add greenery to your space which makes it feel more alive.

There are many creative ways to use plants in your home decor.  You can do something different each time you want to impress your guests or simply because you need to change yourself.

Here are some ideas on how to enhance your home with plants:

Hanging Houseplants - Hanging houseplants can be placed in the window to make the space feel homier and more appealing.  They are perfect for a room that is on the dark side. Hanging plants are great to use in your home if you do not have a lot of shelf space. The container does not need to be a traditional container. Another reason to use hanging plants is if you have pets. This will allow you to have plants and keep your pets safe.

Wall-Mounted Plants – Wall-mounted plants are a great way to add some green life to an otherwise boring space. They add a burst of color and provide an attractive focal point for your space. These plants are popular in modern homes for two main reasons they add freshness and greenery to the room, which contrasts with the sterile or artificial feel of other interior designs. They can be positioned in any direction and remove the need for a large amount of floor space.

Plant Shelves – Shelves are a wonderful way to display your plant babies, especially when you have sunny windows. Putting plants on shelves can keep them out of reach from your pets. What is great about shelves is as you add to your plant family you can add additional shelving.

Propagation Ideas – Many houseplants can be propagated from cuttings from other houseplants. Doing this is a great way to save money. While you wait for your plants to grow roots, there are some unique ways to grow these plants. Try going them in a nice bowl or other interesting, shaped bottles.

Fun Containers - Whimsical and fun houseplants containers add a nice touch to the home decor while also adding more life and energy to the room. They can show the fun side of your personality. If you have kids, try adding some succulents to tricerapot. Animal lovers will get a smile on their faces with these pig or fox containers from Chive. Pet owners might enjoy these cat and dog planters. Try one of these human faces that can make your room space look more fashionable and artistic, while they are also fun at the same time. You can find them on Wayfair.

Let us know how you have used indoor plants to enhance your home!

Note: Blooming Secrets does not receive any financial benefit from the links to the Chive and Wayfair websites. 

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