Congratulations Wildcat fans! Your team made it to "The Final Four"! Get creative, celebrate your team's accomplishment and enjoy that memory even after the tournament ends. Check out our "Wildcat" inspired flower combinations. Blue and white flowers, your school colors, can be blended into beautiful arrangements that look great in hanging baskets and containers. Whether you enjoy planting seeds or want the instant gratification of live plants you’ll love these reminders of your team’s success! 

Here are some suggestions:
1. Seeds-Mix Bachelor Buttons with White Sunflowers, Marigolds or Zinnias
2. How about Moon Flower and Morning Glory Vines?
3. Try a "basket" of Lobelia Techno Blue and Silver Stream Lobularia
4. Give Henri Clematis, Belle Working Clematis and Tie Dye Clematis a "shot"!

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