It’s Garden Time! Use These Ideas For Your Summer Gardens And Plant For The Fall.

  • Hopefully, you’ve taken pictures of your garden to share with friends and family this season. They are also a great tool to use to plan what you will plant next year. Also, don’t forget to order your spring flowering bulbs now to be planted later in the fall. Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are great choices.

  • Water, Water, Water! As the temperature climbs don’t neglect to water your plants! Keep weeds pulled so they don’t steal the precious moisture from your plants. Pile on the mulch around plants that are having trouble staying hydrated.

  • Prune late summer blooming trees and shrubs after flowering, especially those that bloom on old wood, such as Nikko Blue Hydrangea.

  • After your Daylilies have finished blooming, cut their scapes off right at ground level. The leaves are very attractive in the garden and will tidy up your beds. This will however not produce more flowering as that is a genetic trait of each cultivator.

  • If your hanging baskets of ferns are drying out too quick and hard to water, then divide and put fresh dirt. Pot up the other fern and remember Boston Ferns can take lows of the 40s come fall.

  • Annuals are starting to look leggy. Cut back and fertilize to get a new set of fresh blooms!

  • Feed the Hummingbirds! They are migrating through and are looking for food sources.

  • In a couple of weeks, you can start your fall vegetable plants. Start the seedlings now and you will get a good bounty in the fall.

  • This is a good time to pinch off new tomato flowers to direct energies to existing fruits.

Download a copy of these tips here.

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