Growing perennial flower bulbs is a great hobby for anyone that enjoys gardening.  Using these bulbs as cut flowers can provide bright colors to rooms and bring natural beauty to your indoor space.  The process of planting these bulbs can seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite easy with the right instructions. If you are interested in starting this fun hobby, make sure you keep reading to find some perennial flower bulbs you can plant this fall for some beautiful flowers to brighten your home in spring.

Here are five of our top selections to plant this fall:

Daffodils - Daffodils are a popular choice for cut flowers, especially in the spring. They should be cut at the base of the stem and placed in a container of fresh cold water. When selecting daffodils to use as cut flowers, it's important to consider the following:

  • The color and size of the flower: Daffodils come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some colors, such as yellow and white, are more common than others; however, orange is becoming popular. Choose a color that will stand out in your home or office space.
  • Length: A good rule of thumb is that shorter stems will only last 2-3 days before wilting or drooping, whereas longer stems can last up to 1 week without any drooping or wilting.

Fritillarias - Fritillarias are a type of flowering plant in the lily family. They come in many shapes and colors and can be used in many ways. This plant has long stems, and its flowers are usually very large, often in the shape of a bell. They come in purple, white, yellow, and pink and can add drama to your garden and floral arrangements. Fritillarias are usually cut flowers that people buy and display in their homes or offices because of their unusual shapes. The plants require a lot of space, water, sun, and fertilizer to grow healthily as they are native to the Mediterranean. To have a longer vase life, cut these flowers when they are starting to open and place them in cold, clean water.

Hyacinths - Hyacinths are popular flowers that can be used in cut flower arrangements. The term "hyacinth" is derived from the Greek word for "hyacinthus." Hyacinths are often called Dutch tulips or "common tulips".  They make a great cut flower because they have a long vase life and a sweet scent. The plants are very versatile and can be used as table decorations for weddings or other events. The color of each hyacinth is unique and found in many colors including red, violet, blue, purple, white, and yellow.  Some varieties have other colors mixed in too which is what makes them so beautiful. Hyacinths can be harvested one of two ways - with the bulb on or cutting the flower at the base of the stem. If you harvest the entire hyacinth with its bulb, it will have a much longer vase life and will also add a bit of height to the flower overall.  If you do this, we recommend covering the bulb.

Muscari – Muscari is also known as grape hyacinth and is a beautiful flowering bulb that produces clusters of small, bell-shaped flowers. Most people think they come in only a deep purple, but they are also available in various shades of blue, pink, yellow, white, and bi-colored. The plant can be grown in pots and brings color to the garden during the winter months.  The short flowers of Muscari, generally 8-10 inches make them ideal for a small or shallow vase.  They are easy to grow and require little care if they are grown under the right conditions. These low-maintenance plants do not require excessive watering, fertilizing, or pruning making them a perfect candidate to grow for a cut flower. The flowers are often used for Easter decoration and as well as in arrangements or bouquets. Cut the stem as low as possible to ensure as much height as possible in the vase. As a cut flower, Muscari should be placed in a vase with fresh water which is changed regularly. They tend to last 3-5 days when cut in bud form. 

Tulips - The Tulip is a symbol of the Netherlands and is the country's national flower. It is also popular as a cut flower around the world. Tulips are used in many bouquets and floral arrangements.  They are a perennial, bulbous plant that grows from a clump to about 2-3 feet high.  The plant will start to grow as the temperatures warm up.  You will see the foliage first. They come in many different colors and varieties with red, yellow, orange, pink, and white being the most popular. Tulips also come in many different shapes and sizes. For a quality cut flower, look at your tulips as an annual flower.  They are typically not the best at reblooming as the bulb needs a large amount of energy to produce a beautiful flower the first year.  Tulips are one of my favorite cut flowers and they can last for over a week with proper care and storage.  At my local farmer’s market, a tulip grower told me to put a rusty penny in the vase and it will make the tulip stand up straight, and it does work!  This makes the stems elongate making the flower look more graceful in the vase.

The best type of flower to have in your home is one that you have grown yourself – it is the reward of all of your hard work!

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